All-New Wolverine #27-Orphans of X Part 3 Comic Review

All-New Wolverine #27-Orphans of X Part 3 Comic Review


Written By: Tom Taylor

Art: Juann Cabal

Colors: Nolan Woodard

Cover Artists: Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson

Synopsis: After learning more secrets about Orphans of X, Laura and Daken regroup after an intense escape.

What You’ll Need To Know: Laura’s past is always coming to haunt her. Her childhood as an assassin isn’t an easy thing to get past, but she was a manipulated child, often tortured, and trained to kill. She has redeemed herself a lot in her young age, with taking the mantle of Wolverine and swearing off killing.

Mostly. Kimura had it coming. BIG TIME.

More people definitely have it coming as well, will she have to go to extremes to stop them for good?

Her sibling—Daken—has come back into the picture and is being used to get to Laura and her mother—Sarah— is actually back after Laura was forced to “kill” her. Can this be another trick? The Orphans of X are menacing in the way that they’re so frickin’ mysterious; we haven’t gotten any blatantly clear motives yet aside from the fact that they just hate mutants.

We also got a reveal of Wolverine and Gabby joining the X-Men Red team, lead by Jean Grey.


In This Issue: After a crazy escape from a couple in league with Orphans of X, Daken explains that they have been watching Laura in her aunt’s house. Beast and Angel have done an inspection on Sarah, who is back from the dead. Everything checked out, but it’s still very sketchy how she turns up now after all these years. At least Daken thinks so. I mean, after he discovers that Laura is being watched by people who want her dead and have a legitimate plan to kill her, that is.

We discover The Orphans of X found a way to kill someone with a healing factor by using the Murumusa blade. In the last issue, it was left up to Captain Marvel to properly dispose of the weapon before The Orphans know about the plan and are even tracking her. Shit just hit the fan.

The Orphans are a HUGE organization if they have a guy in a suit who’s willing to go against the very powerful Carol Danvers. He is going to act as a kamikaze. They are dead set on killing Laura and we learn exactly where their name derives from and why they’re set on killing her now. They say that the X-Men and other mutants have taken mothers, fathers, and children and left them behind.

The Orphans want to put an end to that permanently. Can they use Laura’s weaknesses as leverage against her?


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