CW’s Crisis On Earth-X Crossover Starts Tonight at 8pm EST!

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With last year’s huge and exciting crossover with all four DC shows on the CW—Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow—having our heroes battle aliens (Dominators), fans of the shows didn’t think they could possibly one-up it. That is, until the writers dropped the biggest bomb of all on us: Nazis.

Yes, you read it correctly. Nazis. But not just you’re average Nazis (fascists are basic af, yo), but Nazis from a different Earth, Earth-X. Why? Because, comics.

The official trailer for the shebang dropped last Tuesday and it is all kinds of exciting. It starts off with heartwarming celebrations for the couple to be: Mr. and Mrs. Barry Allen, and we see some of our favorite characters—Oliver, Kara, and World’s #1 Dad: Joe—congratulate both Iris and Barry on their love. We see a beautiful wedding that is color-themed red and gold for our beloved scarlet speedster and it’s all lovey dovey until the strangest thing happens.

Don’t you just hate it when Nazis from a different Earth crash your wedding? As Oliver and Kara put it perfectly in the trailer, I hate Nazis. And wedding crashers, too. Save for Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, that is.

So, because peace doesn’t exist on the CW, the West-Allen wedding is put on hold while our heroes fight off the meanies. But, it’s not just heroes. We see our favorite antiheroes: Captain Cold and Heatwave join the team to fight the good fight. Cause, I mean, who’s gonna miss an opportunity to beat up Nazis? And because it’s a different Earth, that means not only do the characters get to fight Earth-X Nazis, but they get to fight the Earth-X Nazi version of themselves also. The symbolism of duplicity is always dope.

While the title of this crossover is obviously a homage to the famous Crisis on Infinite Earths comic, it doesn’t seem to have any similarities to the story based off the trailer alone. But hey, when Earth-X Nazis crash your wedding, you got a crisis.

This year’s crossover isn’t a four night one like last year’s but don’t let that fool you; it’s still the same amount of screen time. It starts off tonight at 8pm EST with Supergirl, continues straight into a special episode of Arrow at 9pm EST, continues again tomorrow at 8pm EST with The Flash, and then straight into Legends of Tomorrow at 9pm EST. There will not be an Arrow episode on Thursday, because the crossover episode serves as one.

Are you guys as excited for this crossover as I am? Stay tuned for reviews!

Check out the trailer, official poster, and some awesome fanart from DeviantART user Daniil Zhbanov below!

fanart by DeviantART user: Daniil Zhbanov

Nothing but love.

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