Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #21 Comic Review: O Zordon, Where Art Thou?

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #21

Written By: Kyle Higgins

Art By: Jonas Scharf

Colors By: Joana LaFuente


With Zordon still missing, the Rangers turn to one of their own to lead them, but who will take that role?

What You Need to Know:

Zordon has been missing since an attack a few issues ago, and the Rangers are struggling to combat a series of monsters designed by Finster, not only to look human, but to also believe that they are human until a change occurs and they transform into terrifying abominations that attack anyone and everyone in their proximity.

What You’ll Find Out:

Grace Sterling is not only a former Red Ranger, but she also has a few more surprises up her sleeve. Using the experiences she had battling Rita’s forces on the moon in 1969, she set up Promethea, a technologically advanced island-city dedicated to solving the world’s problems from renewable energy to battling any alien forces that might wander too close. It is here that she shows the Rangers something vital that they’ve just learned.

What Just Happened:

The Rangers battle with a nine-headed cat named Mr. Meowgi (seriously) and Grace Sterling reveals that one of the many innovations they’ve created on Promethea is their own version of a Zord. Oh, and at the very end of the comic, Zordon shows back up without notice or any forewarning. Something seems off to me…

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Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

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The Proemthea addition to the storyline seems interesting and I’m sure it will be a source of fun and exciting things in the future, similar to  Q’s inventions in James Bond. I look forward to seeing where this goes and I’m equally intrigued to find out how Zordon came back so easily…if that even is Zordon.

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