“He even dreamed about being Batman at times, he told me.” (Batman: Creature of the Night #1 Comic review)

Batman: Creature of the Night #1

Writer: Kurt Busiek

Art/Cover: John Paul Leon

Every child who loves Batman will always want to be Batman, drive the Batmobile, have all the coolest gadgets, and be the world’s greatest detective. But one thing that is overlooked by their innocence is the tragedy that drove Bruce Wayne into becoming The Batman. Young master Bruce Wainwright will know firsthand that pain, and the City of Boston will never be the same again.

What you need to know:  In a world where Batman is merely just a comic book, young Bruce Wainwright dreams to become Batman. As a standalone miniseries, Batman: Creature of the Night will touch your heart and make you wish real life was just a dream.

What you’ll find out: “What child wouldn’t want to be Batman, after all?” One kids fantasy comes reality when the events of his favorite superhero come knocking at his front door. How can a boy survive what happened to a fictional character when it happens to him? Ready yourselves with a box of tissues as this story is told by young Bruce Wainwrights Uncle Alfred and told by Bruce himself.

What just happened?  Bruce Wainwright loves Batman; he knows everything about Batman and has everything with Batman on it. Covers, clothes, cereal bowls, you name it; Bruce Wainwright has it. He even has an Uncle named Alfred.  On Halloween a tragic accident happens to young Bruce Wainwright that will take his life into a spiraling crash. As he tries to live his life and move on, an 8 year old boy can only do so much on his own. He begins to feel empty, alone, and afraid as he wonders “what if” Batman was truly real. Only then, after a few months pass, the City of Boston begins to have some out of the ordinary sightings.





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As I began to read this issue, I came in not knowing what it was about. I looked at the cover and thought to myself “Oh this looks interesting and I’m a huge Batman fan”. While I read it I was not expecting for what came next, my heart to be shattered; like when a baseball crashes through a window. What I thought to be a normal tale of Batman who beats up villains ended up being this, “could happen to anyone at any time in their lives”. I’ve always wanted to be Batman, but would never want to go through what he went through as a young boy. Prepare yourselves for what your about to read will only end up in heart ache. Writer Kurt Busiek is writing pure gold and the art of Johan Paul Leon is just perfect for this book. It gives you that nostalgic feel of reading an old comic book, which makes you feel like a kid again; that is why it meshes so well with how Mr. Busiek tells his dark and emotional story. “Bruce. Safe. You Safe.”

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