“The two orphans lost. Who see the weak in one another.” (Batman Annual #2 Comic Review)

Batman Annual #2 “Some of these days”

Writer: Tom King

Artists: Lee Weeks (pages 1-30), Michael Lark (pages 31-38)

Colorists: Elizabeth Breitweiser (pages1-30), June Chung (pages 31-38)

Cover: Lee Weeks

Letterer: Deron Bennet

You ever wondered where was the first time The Bat met The Cat? Even going as far to wonder what was their first date? The Annual issue takes us in time to see how it all unfolded, the rivalry between Bat and cat and how it flourished to what they have come to be now. Stay till the very end of this issue friends, you will not want to miss this romantic issue!

What you need to know: Batman and Catwoman have always had a cat and mouse relationship, she steals something, he chases her and she somehow escapes, with most times catching her. But the two of them go deeper than just a vigilantly and a burglar. In this issue you will see how it all began and where it will finally end for Batman and Catwoman.

What you’ll find out: The Romantic events that led up to Batman and Catwoman’s relationship!

What just happened? In the beginning years of Bruce Wayne becoming The Batman, he came across a thief that left him a mouse every time he tried to stop this person. That thief has since been known as Catwoman. These events continued all through Bruce’s life only in the final moments of catching that Cat she escapes from his grasp. As years pass and the same events keep happening, Batman finally confronted Catwoman and asked “Why?” What happens after will touch your heart.



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Usually annuals are side stories that really don’t have anything to do with what happens in the main comic book, just an off story where the main character is on an adventure doing something cool or spending his/her time trying to buy a hat or something along those lines. In Batman Annual #2 it felt nothing like that; it truly went with what is happening in the main Batman comic book, the whole Batman and Catwoman engagement. As a Batman fan I’m pretty excited to see old Bruce Wayne finally somewhat settling down with someone he truly loves, and in this Annual issue you can see where it all began and how it molded itself to become what we know of their relationship now. Something I was not expecting of this issue was towards the end of the comic. It made me so happy and sad to see where both of them ended up in the future. Prepare yourselves because I was not and it hurt to see the Bat- family in the room as it happened. Ugh, heart wrenching! Tom King is a master story teller and this might be one of his best.  “I love you too, Cat. From the first kiss to the last.”

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