The Coming of the Firebug

Writer, Johnnie Christmas (Angel Catbird, SHELTERED), and superstar artist, Tamra Bonvillain (Doom Patrol, Moon Girl, and Devil Dinosaur) team up to release a trade paperback collection of FIREBUG, the explosive mythological tale that debuted in ISLAND. It was apparent in ISLAND that Keegan was the key. The key to what, will be unfolded here, in FIREBUG.

“FIREBUG is a comic I’ve wanted to make for years now!” said Christmas.

The ancient city of Azar shows the sacred volcano in which Keegan, a volcano goddess on the loose, derives her power from. Her past is shrouded in shadows, and it is up to her and her friends to make it to the city before it is overrun by a large horde of forest creatures. What mysteries lie in her wait? Is she destruction? Is she salvation? The prophecies are unclear, so it’s up to us, the readers, to find out more.

“From Christmas’s cartooning to Bonvillain’s use of color and Maher’s lettering, everyone on this book is at the top of their game.” raved Brandon Graham.

The Cult of the Goddess has nefarious plans to summon forces as old as time, to put out Keegan’s flames permanently. What does The Third Wave have to do with this? Where will the adventure lead Keegan and her friends? This new tale concludes the mysterious tale of our fiery heroine that began in ISLAND, complete with all new material!

The story hits comic stores March 7th and book stores on March 13th. You can preorder it with the diamond code: (DEC170655, ISBN: 978-1-5343-0494-9). See Amazon, Barnes N Noble, and other locations for preorder.


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Christina Williams

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I'm Christina. I'm 21, and I read comics often as well as draw. What draws me in to a comic most is the art and plot.

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I’m Christina. I’m 21, and I read comics often as well as draw. What draws me in to a comic most is the art and plot.

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