Freeing the Demon (Kill or be Killed #14 Comic Review)

Kill or be Killed #14

Writer: Ed Brubaker

Art: Sean Phillips and Elizabeth Breitweiser

Cover: Sean Phillips

Kill Or Be Killed #14

Previously on Kill or be Killed: We’ve finally come full circle, back to the opening scene of the series. Dylan’s epic rampage. Also we found out that Dylan had a half brother who killed himself (really runs in that family). But now that we know the events leading up to it…what happens next.

Breakdown (SPOILER WARNING!): Once again we start off with the Dylan’s rampage in the brothel. But as we quickly find out, the rampage was only a part of his plan. Using the chaos of his attack and a carefully placed list of addresses, Dylan manages to spread out the Russians enough to leave his true target lightly defended.  But in the middle of his plan breakdown Dylan gets interrupted by his roommate Mason trying to lay out “ground rules” for the apartment, as in he doesn’t want Kira coming by. Dylan basically tells him to fuck off and gets back to action. With the majority of the Russians out guarding against the vigilante, Dylan has no problem sneaking right into the house of the head of the Russian Mafia. After a brief conversation and a shotgun blast, Dylan is heading back to the city. On his way back he reflects on all the people he’s killed and considers tossing his vigilante gear.But he realizes with one exception, he doesn’t regret it. But relaxing with Kira takes a sharp turn when she finds paperwork from his dead brother that says he saw a “man carved out of shadow, with horns like a Demon” (sound familiar?)… and the Demon makes his unexpected return!


Thoughts: WOW! What an issue! The context of the brothel rampage was not what it seemed to be which was interesting, and it’ll probably be the last time we see that scene, which is probably a good thing. Got a brief little shot of the task force, which is a good reminder that they’re probably hunting him harder than ever after that show he put on. Dylan’s plan was awesome to see play out so well. Loved the conversation between Dylan and Mason now that Dylan is brimming with confidence, but the friction between the two of them is definitely going to come back to bite him in the ass. The showdown with the boss was great, especially his last words to him.  But Dylan’s trip back to the city really laid out for us how crazy Dylan has become. Despite “finishing” what he started, he keeps the gun and gear, and he doesn’t regret killing, which means you know he’ll have no compunction about doing it again. Then the twist at the end! Incredible! Can’t wait to see what happens next.


An amazing issue. A explosive, satisfying conclusion to the third story arc that leaves you looking forward to whats going to happen in the next one.

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Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

An amazing issue. A explosive, satisfying conclusion to the third story arc that leaves you looking forward to whats going to happen in the next one.

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