Incognegro: A Graphic Mystery Prequel

To celebrate ten years of the Vertigo’s Incognegro: A Graphic Mystery by Mat Johnson (Loving Day, Pym) and Warren Pleece (The Invisibles, Life Sucks), Dark Horse has just announced a special ten year anniversary edition and a prequel to the eerie graphic novel. They are each set to come out February in honor of Black History Month. The prequel is called Incognegro: Renaissance and sticks to the crime, thriller, and mystery genres the sequel portrayed perfectly. A blast from the past, as it has Zane at the center of the roaring twenties, Harlem, going undercover as a white man for the first time to solve a murder case. A black writer was found dead at a multiracial party, and Zane is the only one determined to solve the case. With the man’s writing as a clue and a witness, Zane sets out to solve the mystery in what is promising to be yet another intriguing story with bold art.


Incognegro, since its original release, has received well earned praise over the years, and the thrilling prequel will only add onto that relevance. High hopes for this mystery graphic novel indeed!

“Though entertaining as hell, Incognegro transcends mere entertainment and enters the realm of relevant art. It kicks graphic ass!” said John Ridley (Screenwriter of 12 Years a Slave, Creator/writer of American Crime).


Incognegro: Renaissance will be available February 7 and the tenth anniversary edition of Incognegro: A Graphic Mystery will be available February 6. You can preorder both at your local comic book store! It will also be released in bookstores, online, and otherwise. Check your local Barnes n Nobles or online at Amazon for more information.

Nothing but love.

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