I Was A Teenage Deadite- Ash vs Army of Darkness #5 Comic Review

Writers: Chris Sims & Chad Bowers

Art: Mauro Vargas & Sam Lofti

Colors: Triona Farrell

Covers: Brent Schoonover, Mauro Vargas, & Pasquale Qualano

Editor: Anthony Marques


Synopsis: After cursing the whole school with missing pages from the Necronomicon, the whole student body has turned into Deadites at the school dance!


What You’ll Need To Know: While “substituting” at this high school that has had some suspicious Deadite activity. Kids are still gonna want to go to Homecoming though! Plus his small entourage has sort of bonded. With the anti-deadite army S.M.A.R.T. at bay, what could go wrong? Everything actually when there’s a rich douchebag wanting to control his own Army of Darkness! How does he do that? By getting the familiar words “Clatto Verata Nicto” read out when announcing homecoming queen!


In This Issue: Ash needs to find a plan to save the students without killing them! Is that possible when that’s the only way to get rid of a deadite? And to KILL them that involves complete dismemberment, head must completely be destroyed, burning, and burial? Extra hard since these kids are his friends now. We see a bit of Ash opening up and being emotional about his loses in the past. Bizarre for Ash. Hilariously after that spiel, he leans in for an awkward kiss. Now that’s VERY Ash. Friedrich, director of S.M.A.R.T., reveals his plan on having a deadite army at his disposal and how soldiers will be stronger after they die. He’d rather control and use them than continue to fight them and get nowhere. Demonic zombie hybrids can’t be reliable soldiers, especially as teenagers. Fortunately, they were able to reverse the effects of the necronomicon by gathering the pages back up. (Why didn’t they just do that all in the movies? Oh well, it’s a comic.)  Ash is also able to get his job back at S Mart. Joined along with his kids! How long can things be normal for Ash?


Rating: 7.3/10


Final Thoughts: Has all the gritty, funny, gory concepts from the movies. I did like this series as a whole and can’t wait to see what the future has in store not only for this but the TV show as well. It was a good fun arc to see what antics Ash gets into. We are going to get KISS.. Yeah KISS and Army of Darkness together in a comic set to release in 2018. That should be very interesting and I’m praying Gene Simmons doesn’t try to trademark all things Evil Dead related.

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  • Funny
  • Wraps up with little loose ends
  • Obviously connects movie and show with out reaching out too much
  • A little rushed towards end
Artwork - 7
Storeline - 8
Fluidity - 8
Character Development - 6
Cover Art - 8
Variant Cover Art - 7

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