Wanna Start a Band? (Heavy Vinyl #4 Comic Review)

Heavy Vinyl #4

Created and Written by: Carly Usdin
Pencils by: Nina Vakueva
Inks by: Irene Flores
Colors by: Rebecca Nalty, with Kieran Quigley and Walter Baiamonte
Letters by: Jim Campbell
Cover by: Nina Vakeuva
Designer: Marie Krupina
Logo Design: Kelsey Dieterich and Marie Krupina

Heavy Vinyl is the book previously known as Hi-Fi! Fight Club. It’s an unsurprising, but surprisingly late name-change, giving the cover and previous issues of the series a brand-new moniker. Following the adventures of the teen-girl vigilante squad who work at a record store by day in the far-past years of 1999, this four-issue mini has reached it’s conclusion. For now.

What’s Happening? With Reed Strong. Chris, Maggie, Dolores and Kennedy have been hit with their share of issues so far and this last issue of ours helps feel out their stories for the time being. Chris and Maggie spend a pleasant nap together on their journey together upstate as the workers of Vinyl Mayhem slowly close in on the mystery of what’s happened to Rosie Riot. When the team deals with a bit of a ruckus in finally tracking her down, a few more questions are raised with the issues of brainwashing, implant chips, and disappearing bands rising to the top of the pile. As Maggie and Chris manage to cross an important question, a new way in shows itself for the group’s next adventure. Who’s ready to rock?

Reed Strong’s Strong Read: This series was short, but it’s setting up for more than just an encore. The four issues raise many unanswered questions and have only really just started the running wheels of the plot in this final one. Getting a look into Dolores’ morning routine raises a few identity questions for a return trip and Maggie and Chris’s story has just gotten a fair chance to start. With brainwashing on the table and some warm moments already in the bag, as a four-issue mini or as a four issue prelude, Heavy Vinyl was a heartwarming and great little slice of life and I am waiting to slice into the next piece of action.

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Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

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Heavy Vinyl is a heartwarming, action packed slice of life adventure that provides a perfect entry-way into the excellent house style Boom has established.
  • Cute.
  • Confirms ships.
  • Gives touching character arc conclusions while still leaving things open ended for the future.
  • Somewhat rushed.
  • Potentially unresolved issues if the series doesn't continue.
Artwork - 10
Storyline - 6
Fluidity From Previous Issue - 7
Character Development - 10

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