“Emotional Damages” (Batman: White Knight #3 Comic Review)

Batman: White Knight #3

Script, Art, Covers: Sean Murphy

Colors and Cover Colors: Matt Hollingsworth

Letters: Todd Klein

Batman, Batgirl, and Nightwing face off with every supervillain in Gotham City. With Jack Napier now having the public support, The Bat-family may be in more trouble than they think. Tragedy hits Bruce and Dick and Barbra wonder what will happen to them now.

What you need to know: Jack and Harleen are back together and they move to finally finish Batman and his reign of terror in Gotham City. With the support of the citizens of Gotham and a few new allies, Jack Napier sets his sights to show how truly corrupted the government of Gotham has become.

What you’ll find out: Jack Napier plays another hand and this one will get the final trust from the public who doubted him. If they thought the Batgate was bad, wait until they find out about the Batman devastation fund. The tax payers will not be happy.

What just happened? As the Bat-family fights off every supervillain who has been brainwashed by Jack with the help of Mad Hatter, Jack goes to an abandon law office where he finds the final nail in Batman’s coffin. What he uses will be Gotham’s biggest secret, and will have everyone against Batman at last.

As Bruce Wayne is hit with a family tragedy, Dick and Barbra find themselves questioning what Bruce will do now and is he going to a darker place than he is now?  Will Batman finally lose himself in the war he set out to bring against the criminals of Gotham?

With Harley Quinn’s obsession with The Joker, she is disgusted on what he has become. She goes off in search to bring Jack down and bring her beloved Mr. J back from inside his body. What she finds in the end will only make Jack’s life more complicated.

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Jack Napier may be too smart for Batman. I know that’s a big statement, but Batman is so blinded by his anger that Jack is just out smarting him in every way. He hasn’t even lifted his hands against Batman but is attacking him by ways no one else has done before; using the very people Batman swore to protect, the people of Gotham. Telling them the truth of what is really going on behind their backs is just what The Joker would do if he became sane, and it is great. I’m loving Jack Napier and wondering what else he has planned for the City of Gotham, maybe running for Mayor down the road? We can only hope.

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