“Every kid is inspired by him.” “Everyone wants to be him.” (Batman #36 Comic Review)

Batman #36: Super Friends Part 1!

Script: Tom King

Pencils/Cover: Clay Mann

Inks: Clay Mann and Seth Mann

Cover/Interior Cover: Jordie Bellaire

Letters: Clayton Cowles

Throughout the years Batman and Superman have worked together side by side, even at times they were facing each other. But through it all they have remained friends. This time things have changed as they look at each other’s flaws and it scares one another. What makes them different from one another when both men have lost the one they love? Only the hope in each other will inspire them to finally be “Super Friends.”

What you need to know: Batman and Catwoman are engaged and now Batman’s “closest friend” has learned of the engagement, but does he accept his decision? Can Superman get over that it’s with a criminal or will they not ever speak to each other about it?

What you’ll find out: Both stubborn, they wait for the other to call as Lois and Selina push them to finally speak to each other.

What Just happened? While Superman fights crime back home, Lois asks him to call Batman and finally speak to him.  In Gotham while Batman fights crime as well, Catwoman tells Batman that he should call Superman because that is his closest friend and should know about the engagement. With both men not willing to call each other; Lois and Selina them about a villain that has been selling plutonium and is

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Tom King takes what we go through in our everyday normal lives and smacks it right in the middle between Batman and Superman. Making them feel like normal people and not an over powered superhero and the world’s greatest detective. With what they go through every single day, seeing them question and struggle themselves on calling the other is pretty cool to see. What the next issue brings will be that awkward setting of a double date. What embarrassing stories will Lois and Selina tell, we can only wait and see.

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