Every Battle Is A Statement (Astonishing X-Men #6 Comic Review)

Astonishing X-Men #6-Life of X Part 6

Writer: Charles Soule

Artist: Mike Del Mundo

Colors: Mike Del  Mundo & Marco D’Alfonso

Letters: Clayton Cowles

Cover Art: Mike Del Mundo

Synopsis: Just as things seem bleak and hopeless in this battle with Shadowking, Professor X pulls one more trick out of his sleeve.


What You’ll Need To Know: Gambit, Logan, and Bishop have fallen victim to the Shadow King’s control in the real world spreading havoc and this psionic plague throughout London. Since Psylocke is the only bridge to helping the X-Men trapped in the Astral Plane, she cannot do much to physically fight. Especially when dealing with authorities who neglect to understand. The last line of defence they have is Warren. He’s been doing a good job at keeping the peace thus far, but will Archangel do the same? I mean Archangel is superior in battle and fights a lot more dirty than regular Angel, so he had no option but to turn if they wanted to save themselves and the rest of The X-Men.


In This Issue: Shadowking has always been steps ahead in this lethal game against Charles Xavier, he now has the ability to set himself free in the real world. As he is claiming his victory (after cheating of course), Charles admits he did too and takes him by surprise. Setting Archangel loose was a wise decision. He is definitely a formidable distraction against a possessed Logan and Gambit and slow the disease down. Unfortunately, it is revealed by the Ministry of Defense that if this disease spreads past the quarantine zone, they have to neutralize the threat. Just what they needed. Even though Shadowking had been winning and spread enough chaos, he had not thought through the “victims” in his game in The Astral Plane. As Charles described, the “fluidity” of their powers in his world. If Charles can do kickass things in that world, so can Mystique the shape-shifter, Rogue who has memories of every person she’s touched, and Fantomex who is an illusionist. They are potentially limitless in that sort of realm. That’s where Charles was strategic. This series consistently delivers. It keeps a good balance of action and drama, the characters facing their past, dealing with trauma, and old romances which long time X-Men fans would be satisfied with.

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Art was different, but really pretty to look at. Different than standard comic book art. No harsh lines, almost like watercolor. It has bright colors with no harshness, but had a good amount of contrast in all the different panels. It suits the issue well and had a lot of detail still.
  • Whole arc keeps you on your toes
  • High stakes
  • Epic Astral Plane Battle
  • Savage Archangel
  • Where was Bishop?
Artwork - 8
Storyline - 9
Fluidity From Previous Issue - 10
Character Development - 6.5
Cover Art - 7.5

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