Food Rations (Animosity Evolution #2 Review)

Writer: Marguerite Bennett

Artist: Eric Gapstur

Colorist: Rob Schwager

Letterer: Marshall DillonRegular

Cover Artist: Eric Gapstur

The Intro:  This for Animosity has been a pretty wild ride.  It’s one of those comics that has a serious tone but is overall just a ton of fun.

Need to Know: Evolution issue two is a really nice follow-up to one, and evolution itself takes place right after the The Wake and The Dragon story arcs.  So, I highly recommend reading those prior if you have the chance. Because a lot happens, like the fall of man-kind, the rise of animals, and basically a civil war between animals of differing views.

This Issue: This issue is really great, we get to see some of the corruption that happens in this newly established society.  Such as just how misleading new people and places can be… a lot like real life huh?  It also lets us see more some of the alliances that have risen, either in protest of the new world order, or in favor.  We see them building this new world and try to figure out how to maintain this new society such as how to divide work and ration food.  The whole concept of animosity is really fun, and contains a lot of real world issues.  Especially to be an Earth overthrown by animals.

Overview: The animosity series as a whole has had really fun art and layout.  The colors are always really saturated and sharp with really nice, detailed line art.  It’s a really nice contrast to the story line, especially in this issue.  I feel the fact the art has the detail and line quality, but the fun saturated colors, it helps compliment the serious undertone of the story but also how goofy the content really is.

Overall, I really love the comics, it’s all a really fun outlook on what would happen of animals gained the same amount of awareness and control as man.  I really recommend it of you’re interested in something kinda wacky and fun but has a serious undertone with relatable issues.

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Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

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  • Fun and entertaining
  • Wonderful art style
  • Real world relations
  • Can be confusing for some readers
  • A lot of arcs to keep up with
Artwrok - 9.5
Character Development - 9
Fidelity of previous issues - 8
Storyline - 8

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