#MissionCreep (Red Hood And The Outlaws #17 Comic Review)

User Rating: 7.9

Red Hood And The Outlaws #17 Comic Review


Written By: Scott Lobdell

Art: Dexter Soy

Color: Veronica Gandini

Cover: Mike McKone & Romulo Fadarjo Jr.

Variant Cover: Guillem March


Synopsis: The Outlaws are forced to join Harley, Deadshot, Killer Croc, and Captain Boomerang of the Suicide Squad for a mission to the Arctic. If the cold doesn’t kill them, and they don’t kill each other, what’s hiding in the wreckage of the underground will for sure!


What You’ll Need To Know: Red Hood, Artemis, and Bizarro have done a pretty good job on keeping crime down in Gotham. Unfortunately, The Detective Comics crew got jealous and had to turn them into Amanda Waller. She found great use for them. Instead of keeping them as prisoners, she found a way to utilize them after Bizarro finds shifting plates in the Arctic that can be catastrophic. The Outlaws and Task Force X are forced to work together to save the world. Lunatic bad guys doing good and anti-heroes may not play well together! They all fought before and P.S., Artemis beat Harley Quinn with ease.


In This Issue: The banter between all of them is pretty funny. Getting The Suicide Squad right even for a smart part of this comic book that they are in. It was a little anticlimactic considering the stakes, it was more for giggles. Like not much happened to stop Harvest and the technology that could destroy the world. Seeing Killer Croc and Jason share a heart to heart about their mutual friend Arsenal was sweet. In a Beyond Scared Straight sort of way. Bizarro is the major problem solver and the one who essentially saves the day. Small spoiler ahead, but next issue, Something Creepy This Way Comes… Are we looking at a Pet Sematary situation?


Rating: 7.9


Final Thoughts: I am absolutely in love with Dexter Soy’s art as always. This issue was fun, just anticlimactic in my opinion and they had a lot to work with. Suicide Squad comics are awesome and I just feel like they under-utilized them.

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  • Funny
  • High stakes
  • With those high stakes, the world being in danger, it had an overall weak resolution
Artwork - 10
Fluidity From Last Issue - 9
Cover Art - 8.5
Plot - 7
Storyline - 6
Character Development - 7

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