Over the River, and Through the Woods… (Runaways #4 Review)

Writer: Rainbow Rowell

Art: Kris Anka

Colors: Matthew Wilson

Letters: VC’s Joe Caramagna

To grandmother’s house we go! It’s a heartfelt issue of Runaways, giving the teens a taste of happiness that just can’t last.

What you missed:

Gert’s back from the dead. Nico’s running out of spells. Chase is a hunk. Karolina’s a college co-ed. Molly’s still the strongest. The kids have been apart for far too long and this latest series continues its effort to make them whole again.


This issue follows a similar arc as last issue, but instead of trying to convince Karolina, we visit Molly instead. Molly has always been the lovable, optimistic runaway. She shows know hesitation in expressing how stoked she is to see her friends again, especially Gert. The issue does a lot more for the arc this time around, featuring some bit of foreshadowing on practically every page. The group spends some quality time at Grandma’s house as they try and find their way back to being a family.


It’s impossible not to love Princess Powerful, I mean… Molly Hayes. This issue offers several heartfelt moments one would expect from a story arc centered around reunion. What really shines in this issue though is how much Rowell teases for the future. The issue is filled with situations that present more questions than answers, including some potentially game changing reveals. It’s this sort of writing that gives me hope that while the story is still building, the payoff will be astounding!

As always Anka’s style delivers a fresh read complimented by Wilson’s command of vibrant hues. I also noticed how Anka’s style and structure really worked with some of the teases Rowell worked in. It’s great when a writer allows for visual storytelling like Anka’s to move the story forward.

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Change is coming. It’s safe to guess that once this story arc ends will have our troubled teens back together again. But at what cost? Whatever it is, they’ll definitely need each other more than ever.
  • Story is compelling, fresh
  • Art is vibrant and youthful
  • Good jumping on point
  • Complex foreshadowing
  • Story lacks action
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