Batman vs Superman: Also Batman vs Batman (Superman #37 Comic Review)

Superman #37

Written by: Peter J Tomasi and Patrick Gleason

Art by: Jorge Jimenez

Colors by: Alejandro Sanchez

Cover by: Ivan Reis, Julio Ferreira, and Marcelo Maiolo


In the “Lonely Place of Living” arc in Detective comics, a version of Tim Drake from the future found his way into the present! This Tim is his timeline’s Batman, wields a gun, and is hell bent on preventing his future from occuring.


What Happened:

The new crossover with Super Sons begins with the Tim Drake of Tomorrow flying through the window of Bruce Wayne’s study. He needs something important, and is willing to go through Bruce to do it. Bruce and Tim fight each other throughout the manor, causing a lot of damage, until Tim finally incapacitates Bruce. He heads down to the Batcave and opens the case that holds Batman’s contingency plans for taking down his fellow superheroes. He grabs the one with Superman’s symbol on it, and leaves Bruce bleeding in his home.

Meanwhile, at the Fortress of Solitude, Superman is repairing some of the damage done by Mr. Oz (in the recent Action Comics arc The Oz Effect). While putting back the broken statues of Ma and Pa Kent, Kelex warns Superman that an intruder is at The Fortress, and somehow neither of them had any idea there was someone even approaching. Superman is surprised to see a gun toting Batman attacking him, and wastes not time engaging him. As the two fight, Superman finds out that this Batman is an adult version of Tim Drake. He asks Tim what he came here for, but Tim just continues his attack. Superman is shocked to see Tim get in a suit of Kryptonian Battle Armor, and Tim’s secrets begin to come out as he explains that the Superman from his timeline, a friend of his named Conner, taught him Kryptonian as the two grew up together as heroes. After the two duke it out even more, Tim manages to trap Superman in a Red Kryptonite cage, and leaves Superman behind to pursue his main objective: to kill Superboy!


Thoughts on the issue: This new storyline kicks off with a bang, with the vast majority of the issue dedicated to watching Tim Drake take down two of the greatest superheroes in the DCU. The issue isn’t lacking in dialogue or plot movement, but the action and the art are the real draw of the issue. There’s always something cool about seeing how smart Batman fights, and it’s neat to see how a different Batman is brilliant in different ways. And one last thing! It’s a little strange trying to fit the story into continuity, it seems like Bruce and TIm talk about a storyline that hasn’t happened yet from Detective Comics.

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The Tim Drake of Tomorrow is back and with a vengeance, and both Batman and Superman are under attack!
  • Batman kicking ass
  • Batman getting his ass kicked
  • Confusing continuity placement
Writing - 8
Artwork - 9

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