Superhero Night at the Fair (Batman #37 Comic Review)

Batman #37 “Super Friends” Part 2!

Script: Tom King

Pencils and Inks:  Clay Mann

Special thanks to: Seth Mann

Colors: Jordie Bellaire

Letters: Clayton Cowles

Cover: Mikel Janin

Two men who are from the opposite side of the spectrum must finally speak to one another to continue to be “Super Friends”, but this time things are harder than ever before. They must put aside their egos and the two worlds must confront each other. Batman and Superman go on a double date, one that everyone will not want to miss! Everyone has been waiting and it has finally arrived.

What you need to know: Batman and Catwoman finally meet Superman and Lois Lane. This time there will be no excuses and they will speak to each other at last.

What you’ll find out: The double date everyone has been waiting for years!

What just happened? Bruce, Selina, Clark, and Lois all go to a fair for their date, but as they arrive they notice that the only way to get in is to be dressed up as a super hero… its Super hero night! Bruce and Clark switch roles as they enter the fair in hopes it will open doors to new and old friendships. As the night continues and truths of their partners are told, Clark and Lois begin to understand and accept the newly engaged couple.

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The two part story arc “Super Friends” showed us a side that both Batman and Superman we haven’t seen in a while. It didn’t show us the superheroes or the action fighting scenes, but the men who wear the capes. We forget that these men and women are more than just vigilante crime fighters or a god among humans , under their costumes they are normal people who just once in a while want to go and have a good night out. Tom King, Clay Mann, Seth Mann, and Mikel Janin work as a wonderful team to show us a double date that we all have been waiting for. To see Bruce and Clark understand each other and what their symbols mean shows us they are both working to finally become more than just friends, but super friends. If you love Tom King’s work, keep an eye out for a few Easter eggs that have been put in this issue; many of them are of other comics he has worked on before. What you expect of Bruce and Clark in a super hero night is exactly what you think… awkward.  

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