Mourning After (Harley Quinn #33 Comic Review)

User Rating: 5.3

Written By: Amanda Conner

Art: Bret Belvins, Otto Schmidt, Moritat

Colors: Alex Sinclair & Otto Schmidt

Letters: Tom Napolitano

Cover: Amanda Conner & Dave Johnson

Variant Cover: Frank Cho & Sabine Rich


Synopsis: In the aftermath of Mason Macabre’s death and Harley’s and her friend’s vengeance against Mayor DePerto, they all find a way to go about their lives after the funeral.


What You’ll Need To Know: Mayor DePerto a corrupt politician (surprise, surprise) and Harley Quinn have always had it out for each other. He has tried to have her killed multiple times, but that multiplied when she tried going up against him in a race! DePerto and his right-hand Madison Berkowitz have gone through many efforts to get her to drop, including hiring Scarecrow to give her a terrible fright. His last effort, was definitely his dirtiest. DePerto and his goons had held Mason, the new love of Harley and son of Madame Macabre, hostage so Harley would drop out of the race. However, since he hated Harley so much he wanted to make her suffer so killed Mason to spite her.


In This Issue: It’s kind of a cluster. It starts out at Mason’s funeral where Harley and the gang pay their respects. It has a very melancholy tone in the beginning, one in which that does not fit with the cover oddly enough. Harley is mourning a partner who had cared for her and she had a promising future with, A potential mother-in-law, Madame Macabre, mourns the death of her son. One that is already close to Harley. A hurricane is a good add for the background, it does more to set the tone. The last issue was more gritty, and this one had potential to be like that as well. Madame talks about her future and how she just needs to get away, which is a real life struggle any person in mourning goes through. You really feel for the lady. The issue takes an odd turn which I think is weird for any comic. Especially since it had multiple artists which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but that’s can be overwhelming and it feels like a whole other issue. She ends up at a roller derby game now? Where she is beat by an opponent because she’s so hot it’s distracting? We could have saved at least 6 pages of irrelevant content. 


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Since Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti are leaving and new writers are taking over now, it does feel like just an easy way to have their way out. I’m sure writing a character as complex and popular as Harley can be overwhelming. The ending steers towards new beginnings which I liked but it could have been built up more. I like the art and it's cute, but it goes for eery to bright to eery and bright and it's like are we going for an issue where they are mourning the loss of a loved one or just another silly Harley Quinn comic?
  • If you hate Conner and Palmiotti, they are leaving
  • If you like Conner and Palmiotto, they are leaving
  • Clustered
  • Different art styles gives lots of different tones for the issue
  • A bit of a cop out
  • I don't see how the variant relates to the story
Artwork - 6.5
Fluidity From Last Issue - 6
Cover - 6
Variant Cover - 5.5
Writing - 3
Character Development - 4.5

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