Stan “The Man” Lee Turns 95!

From the Fantastic 4, to Man-Thing, Stanley Martin Lieber has had a hand in it all. Stan has done everything for Marvel Comics so far back to when it was called Timely Comics, that it’s hilarious to think that he almost left the business entirely right before it found its stride. He had humble beginnings in Timely Comics, but he worked his way up through the company. After two years of working with the company, he was made editor. When he served during WWII, he wrote manuals and scripts for training videos as part of the Signal Corps. He is one of only nine people to have the tile of “playwright” in the Army. And now, he celebrates his 95th year on this earth with a mountain of achievements to look back on, and hopefully few regrets.


With Stan Lee, Marvel gained a irreplaceable figure. A living Walt Disney that could be the face of the medium of comics for so many years to come. from being a writer, to Editor-In-Chief, publisher, and then Chainman, Lee has spend decades making Marvel what it is today, a groundbreaking creative force bringing what used to be a subsection of media only for young kids and then nerdy outsiders, to what is now being heralded as a whole culture in today’s society. With his cameos in feature films, to even up to the 90’s and early 2000’s writing and advising the creation of heroes. His on camera cameos were not exclusive to the live films, as he had one in Big Hero 6, a wildly popular animated superhero movie, in the after-credits scene. Stan, our man, has proved that anyone can achieve what they dream of if they keep pushing forward.

Stan Lee has lived a life of accomplishments and joy. George W. Bush presented him with the American National Medal of the Arts in 2008. In 2011, Stan Lee received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  Earlier this year, on July 16th, he was named a Disney Legend. This made him part of a hall of fame program that recognizes individuals for their extraordinary and integral contribution to the Walt Disney Company.  These accomplishments, among so many others, prove that Stan never stopped reaching upwards for the sky. He continues to seek to improve himself and everything he lays his hands on.


Onward and upward to greater glory, or rather, as Stan would say, “Excelsior”! Happy 95th birthday to the legendary, the one, the only, Stan Lee.

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James Portis

James Portis

Editor-In Chief
Founder of Shoot The Breeze Comics. Co-Host of the comic book news podcast Panel To Panel. Long time comic book, video game, and anime nerd.
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Founder of Shoot The Breeze Comics. Co-Host of the comic book news podcast Panel To Panel. Long time comic book, video game, and anime nerd.

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