Not Their Monster (Damage #1 Advanced Comic Review)

Imagine Captain America gone wrong!

A recruit who just wanted to serve his country was turned into the military’s monster. Ethan Avery has no control over his alter ego, Damage.

Writers: Robert Venditti

Penciler: Tony S. Daniel

Colorist: Tomeu Morey


What Happened:

This first issue explodes with action as we’re introduced to Avery’s predicament as the monster “Damage” proves his namesake. Damage escapes his handlers and starts to make insurance adjuster jump with glee as he storms a city. Future storylines are set as more characters are introduced, including a band of infamous heroes who will no doubt cause problems for our protagonist in the coming issues.

What I Thought:

There isn’t a whole lot of story in this issue, and it sort of highlights a potential lack of originality. That’s my biggest issue with this book. On a first read I thought “nice, exciting action” but something felt off. When I reread it everything seemed all too familiar, like hasn’t the Hulk done this before? Hasn’t Wolverine done this before? Hasn’t Solomon Grundy, who Damage looks almost identical to, done this before?

A big monster, who’s secretly a tortured soul, causing mayhem is practically a trope. We just went through this with Weapon H, or whatever nonsense Weapon X just did over in Marvel, do we really need a DC equivalent? Also, Damage can only exist for an hour at a time just like the Red Hulk in U.S. Avengers. It needs better concepts and a little more character development for Ethan Avery to really hook me.



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Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

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"Damage" has potential but maybe in the form of hurting DC's monthly sales. We'll just have to wait and see what the story brings to the table in the next issue.
  • Cinematic Art
  • Explosive Action
  • Holds interest
  • Not much story, just yet
  • Lack of originality
Story - 4
Art - 8
Retention - 6

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