“He seemed happier, for a while.” (Batman: Creature of the Night #2 Comic Review)

Batman: Creature of the night #2

Writer: Kurt Busiek

Art: John Paul Leon

Cover: John Paul Leon

Bruce Wainwright’s favorite comic book character is Batman, both have so much in common from names to the death of their parents. Years have passed since that horrific night and Bruce Wainwright has a power growing inside of him. How he uses that power only time will tell.

What you need to know: Everything was taken away from young Bruce Wainwright in a night he will never forget, now as a young man in college and working in the family business the world is at his fingertips. But are dark forces behind his rise or is it just good luck?

What you’ll find out: The world is a cruel and dark place, but Bruce Wainwright will stand up against all odds and fight back by any means necessary.

What just happened? When the real world smacks you right in the face and all hope is lost, the only sure thing to escape is reading comic books. For Bruce Wainwright that’s exactly what he thought was true, now an older man and part of his father’s business he pushes himself and the company to do better in the world in hopes to help the hopeless as he felt when he was a child. But the lines between reality and fantasy can get blurry really fast. All things have to be a coincidence… right?


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Having dreams come true sometimes can be a horrific nightmare that will forever haunt you. That is what happened to Bruce Wainwright. The death of his parents and this new shadowy protector has made Bruce wanting to make the world a better place, but at what cost?  I want him to succeed in life and at the end have a great ending. One where when I finish reading I can feel joyful for him and say “Man that Bruce is doing great in his life and his city.” But sadly I find myself saying “What else can possibly go wrong for Bruce”? I can tell this series will leave us wanting to root for a great outcome only to be given us a dark and cruel story. Writer Kurt Busiek gives us a Batman origin with a dark twist, one that we all will never want to happen to any of us. Kurt Busiek and the art of John Paul Leon work so well together giving us different aspects of Bruce growing up and his shadowy vigilante. We get to feel like we’re part of Bruce’s’ life in hopes that he will become something like the comic book character Batman. But in this story there won’t be any happy endings.

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