“But what else is Bruce Wayne?” (Batman #38 Comic Review)

Batman #38 “The origin of Bruce Wayne!”

Script: Tom King

Pencils/Inks: Travis Moore

Colors: Giulia Brusco

Letters: Clayton Cowles

Cover: Tim Sale and Dave Stewart

Young Matthew wants to grow up and be just like millionaire Bruce Wayne, but what he doesn’t know is the pain Bruce has within from the tragedy of his parent’s death. Young Mattie will soon find out first-hand what that pain is. Batman begins to hunt down the killer, only to come face to face with his own past.

What you need to know: Bruce Wayne meets a young boy named Matthew who admires him and wants to be exactly like him. Both have many things in common as death surrounds them both.

What you’ll find out: As Batman hunts down the killer of young Matthew’s parents, he is forced to visit past demons and figure out the clues left behind by the killer. What Batman finds out at the end of his hunt will only bring him more pain. But are Victor Zsasz and Harvey Two-face behind these murders or is this a new killer?     

What just happened? Young Mattie finds his parents murdered in their home and looks for help from Bruce Wayne to understand how to live his pain and anger. Batman and Commissioner Gordon work together and find clues that have been left behind by the killer, Batman soon realizes that this hunt is not adding up and something might be wrong. Continuing the investigation the world’s greatest detective acknowledges that at the end of this hunt he will see a mirror version of his own life.

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What Tom King does is just a work of art. He takes Bruce Wayne’s origin and turns it around to face Bruce Wayne so that he never forgets what he fights for. But, the best part is how he makes a simple story we all know and tweaks it just a bit; making it feel fresh and new as we walk with Batman trying to find out the killer of a young boy’s parents like he lost his own. What waits for Batman will only make Bruce Wayne question who he truly is.

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  1. This is just a lesser version of the Hush story with Tommy Elliot. Nothing new here at all.

    • While reading this issue,I literally thought they were bringing back Hush. Sadly it wasn’t it, but it still was a good story.


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