Fevers and Chills (Giants #2 Comic Review)

Giants #2 

Story, Art, and Lettering by Carlos and Miguel Valderrama


Catching Up:

Previously, in Giants, we saw the beginning scenes of the world flesh out: two orphans are forced to go on a dangerous mission for life security with one of the gangs. Greed and ambition are the dangers here, and it is played on a lot as the issue unfolds. The gang is hungrily seeking more power and more “land”. The orphans are starved for the rights to belong somewhere without danger. As the premise of the series suggests, the Giants salivate for the end of humanity. Ambition, when left unchecked, will devour you.

What Just Happened:

A living nightmare grips Gogi as the issue opens up. He sees his mistake over and over, and it is eating at him. When he awakes, he’s not dead—much to his shock—but rather still on the surface surrounded by the snow in this white world. Feverish as he is, he knows that he needs to get back beneath the surface to the only safety he has known. What happened to Zedo, the other orphan? Last we saw, he was begging Gogi not to leave him behind. Ambernoir, the energy of the world, is the driving force for the humans living beneath the surface. Every so often, someone has to go retrieve some; however, as the previous issue showed us, that is easier said than done. More often than not, those sent to retrieve, are never seen again.

Giants grips you with suspense and makes you need to keep reading. It isn’t very often that I find myself immediately entranced with a new comic, especially one so far out of my normal genre, but I have to admit, the Valderrama brothers know what they’re doing. Giants is not a series you should sleep on; the plot is engaging, the art is well depicted, and the dialogue keeps things refreshing. Since this is still the beginning of the arc, it has a slow build, but there is definite momentum going and this train won’t stop moving.

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Christina Williams

Christina Williams

Managing Editor
I'm Christina. I'm 22, and I read comics often as well as draw. What draws me in to a comic most is the art and plot.
Giants roam the surface, and one of the orphans, Gogi, now roams among them. What will devour humanity first? Ambition? The Giants? Time will tell. It's time to take what you've been told about the surface, and the world, with a grain of salt.
  • The issue picks up perfectly from where the previous one left off.
  • The art style stays very consistent even during action scenes.
  • The writing is engaging.
  • Slow build to the arc still. It still feels like an origin issue.
Art - 7
Writing - 8
Plot - 8
Fluidity from Previous Issue - 8.5
Written by
I'm Christina. I'm 22, and I read comics often as well as draw. What draws me in to a comic most is the art and plot.

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