Love That Is Then, Love That Is Now (Rogue and Gambit #1 Comic Review)

Rogue and Gambit #1: Ring of Fire Part 1

Written By: Kelly Thompson

Artist: Pere Perez

Colors: Frank D’armata

Letters: Joe Caramagna

Variants: Daniel Acuna, Bilquis Everly, Mat Lopes, Mike McKone, Rachelle Rosenberg, Steve Skroce, & Dave Stewart


Kitty Pryde sends ex-lovers and teammates Rogue and Gambit on an undercover mission to investigate an island called Paraiso. There is going to be a lot of tension, but will this bring them closer together?

In This Issue:

So Rogue and Gambit have been through some sh%t, to put it simply. They have had other romances, been on different teams, but have chosen to remain friends. Gambit has always been that type to push her buttons and we see that here too. He relentlessly flirts with her andtries to get her to hang out “as friends”, which she denies out of fear of complicating things (Take that advice if an ex hits you with that “hey” text.) In Astonishing X-Men, we do not see them as a romantic couple, but they touched it. Maybe they wanted to develop into it more here? There was a line: “Gambit loves Rogue. Rogue loves Gambit. But there is love that is now, and there is love that is then. For Rogue it was then. For Gambit it is always now.”Gambit also brings up a kiss that Rogue and Deadpool had in her time with Avengers, and she gets annoyed and tells him Deadpool was a better kisser than him. Ouch.

It is hard for them to be around each other without bickering, can they get through a mission and find out what is going on with the missing mutants? Hell, will they even get the job done? I love the cheesiness of the cover of a “romantic retreat” because if there is ever hope of them getting back together, that is what they need.

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The art is awesome! Great detail, bold, and bright! Everything I love in an X-Men comic. I actually prefer the variants to the cover. I was so excited to pick this up because Rogue and Gambit have been one of my favorite comicbook couples, probably ever. This brings great homage to the past, the good ol’ days. Not only do I love the interaction between them, but between all the other characters introduced as well.
  • Great Art
  • It’s a fun light-hearted plot that somehow gets the two together
  • Some readers may not like how light-hearted it is
Artwork - 9
Cover - 6.5
Variant - 9
Character Development - 9
Plot - 7.5

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