The Apokolips Trap!!! (Mister Miracle #6 Comic Review)

Mister Miracle #6

Writer: Tom King

Pencils/Inks/Colors/and Variant Cover: Mitch Gerads

Letters: Clayton Cowles

Cover: Nick Derington

Mister Miracle and Big Barda go back to New Genesis to face the punishment that waits for the handsome, hard-working and death-defying Scott Free. But they won’t go out without a fight, they hope to reach Orion the Highfather and end this entire mess. What Mister Miracle finds at the end of his mission to see Orion will turn his world upside down… Darkseid is.

What you need to know: Mister Miracle is supposed to be executed in New Genesis in front of the Highfather, Big Barda has something to say about that.

What you’ll find out: Big Barda wants to re-do their condo and it begins with the kitchen counter then escalating into cutting the living room in half, and getting rid of the closet. Scott Free does not like the idea of cutting his home in half, but it must be done for who’s about to come…

What just happened? Fighting their way through monsters, gods, and traps, Mister Miracle and Big Barda finally reach the Highfathers throne room. Walking in alone to confront his brother, he comes face to face with a bloody mess. “WHAT DID YOU DO?!!”


Final Thoughts: This issue had it all. From a couple arguing about normal stuff, to blood and gore to crazy twists. Tom King and Mitch Gerads really out did themselves in this latest issue, might be one of my favorites. Mister Miracle has gone through so much that right when he feels like everything might be going perfect or at least better, we come to realize at its end that everything is far from perfect. I really hope Scott Free can finally find peace in his life soon because the ending of this issue will definitely mess up our poor Mister Miracle.

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