Clayface Unleashed! (Detective Comics #972 Comic Ceview)

Detective Comics #972 “The Fall of Batmen” Part 4!

Writer: James Tynion IV

Pencils: Miguel Mendonco

Inks: Diana Egea

Colors: Jason Wright

Cover: Guillem March

Variant Cover: Rafael Albuquerque

The Victim Syndicate has taken Batman by surprise, and now one of the strongest villains in his rogue gallery is unhinged! Nearly unstoppable, Clayface goes out to hunt down the very ones he once called his allies and maybe even “friends”.

What you need to know: In the last issue, the Victim Syndicate took over Arkham Asylum, created riots in the streets of Gotham, and took out the Bat-families muscle. Now, after being tortured and his wrist protectors broken; Clayface has gone out of his mind and becomes the very monster he tried to bury away.

What you’ll find out. As the Bat-family races to find Clayface and stop him before he takes them out, Batman and the new mayor argue about the vigilante movement statues and what will happen to Clayface when caught. As everything that Red Robin was trying to make begins to fall apart, he remembers what Tim Drake of the future told him about Batwoman.

What just happened?

Run! Run! Clayface is coming and is unstoppable!

Final Thoughts: It has finally come. The day I’ve been dreading, the fall of Clayface. From the beginning, Clayface has been that character that I kept my eye on, hoping that he could amend his demons and become a full part in the Bat-family. But sometimes the past won’t let you move forward and that is what has happened to Clayface. Not only has Clayface fallen, but the team as a whole; you can start to see that not everything is going as planned. It’s odd to say that the Victim Syndicate might have won this round, and in a very big way.


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