Be Careful What You Wish For! (Harley Quinn Special #1 Comic Review)

Harley Quinn- Be Careful What You Wish For Special #1

Written By: Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti

Art: Amanda Conner, Chad Hardin, Otto Schmidt, & Ben Caldwell

Colors: Paul Mounts & Alex Sinclair

Letters: John J Hill & Dave Sharpe

Cover: Amanda Conner & Paul Mounts

Variant: Chad Hardin & Alex Sinclair


Synopsis: A trip to the filthy Coney Island beach takes a weird turn when Harley finds a captivating genie bottle!


In This Issue: We start of at Coney beach where it is littered with trash and needles, Harley comes up with a plan to confront whoever is doing this and get them to stop by blowing them up. A very Harley Quinn solution. She almost gets herself killed in the process, but that’s where all the fun lies! She finds a genie bottle in the middle of the ocean and conveniently Powergirl comes to save her. After she’s on shore, she rubs the bottle and outcomes a genie! Harley gets herself into some crazy, bizarre situations since she doesn’t have the standard three wishes genies usually give most stories; she gets an unlimited amount! Sounds nice enough right? NO. There is always a catch to unlimited wishes Harley! Wishing for a sentimental Joker is definitely not what she’d expect. That part was hilarious, by the way. Joker as a good guy, crybaby, on top of that dentist for Commissioner Gordon and Batman! I did love the parallels to Batman: The Animated Series. I feel like there could have been a lot more action with the Justice League that could have saved this issue. A lot of you will be excited to see the Original Harley Quinn costume though. The genie giving her the crappy end of wishes is funny because that is totally something that would happen to Harley. It’s a silly, campy read; BUT I feel like it was a really long issue (which yeah I get it’s a special) and had little real substance. Don’t go in expecting it to be great.

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I really dig the art style overall, I’m glad Amanda Conner was the main artist for this. I sort of lost interest half way through, not super memorable to me as special
  • New 52 style
  • Good for a few laughs
  • She says ‘Moi’ instead of ‘Me’ an annoying amount. That has always bugged me. Who did that
  • It had funny points, but was mostly obnoxious.
  • Could have had more action with Justice League if you're going to bring them in
Art - 9
Cover - 8
Plot - 5.5
Character Development - 5

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