John Ridley to explore “The Other History of the DC Universe”

John Ridley attends the LA Premiere of "American Crime" on Saturday, Feb. 28, 2015 in Los Angeles. (Photo by Paul A. Hebert/Invision/AP)

Over the years through many retelling, retcons and new revelations, we’ve been told the history of the DC Universe. However a new voice plans to join the long history of writers and artists who have sculpted the landscape of the DCU for so many years. DC announced today that Academy Award winning screenwriter John Ridley has taken up the task of examining the DC mythos in a new mini series called “The Other History of the DC Universe”. The story will dive deeper into key moments in DC Comics history and chart the sociopolitical gains that have been made.

“I could not be more excited by the opportunity to excavate the canon of the DC Universe through a vast array of characters who’ve earned their seat at the table,” explains Ridley.  “I’m very impressed with DC’s commitment to making their history as reverent and urgent as it is engaging and entertaining for all its many fans.” 

This series looks to be taking a closer look at heroes who aren’t your Batmans and Supermans, but a more diverse group of heroes who come from what DC is calling “disenfranchised groups”. Heroes such as:

Green Lantern John Stewart, who other than his spotlight on the Justice League animated series had struggled to make himself prominent compared to Hal Jordan.

Supergirl, who with her live action series portrayed by Melissa Benoist but prior had seen minor popularity in popular culture.

Vixen, a character with her appearances in the “Arrowverse” television shows and her animated series on CW Seed as well as other animated appearances has seen more notoriety as of late.

Katana, a well know Outsiders and Suicide Squad character who has seen a rise in popularity due to her portayals on Arrow and the Suicide Squad movie by both  Rila Fukushima and Karen Fukuhara respectively

Rene Montoya, a Gotham City police officer who later became the hero “The Question” for a time, an outed lesbian character in comic books who has had prominent roles in multiple series as well as originally created for the Batman Animated Series but was introduced prior in the comics due to the announcement of her inclusion

Extrano, a minor Spanish magician character who has recently returned to comics appearing in books like Midnighter and Apollo

As well as others who have yet to be announced. DC has also said that

“THE OTHER HISTORY OF THE DC UNIVERSE isn’t about saving the world, it’s about having the strength to simply be who you are.”

It looks as if with the announcent of many other diverse titles as well as maintaining the heroes they’ve always had, DC Comics aims to do what Marvel originally intended. Giving anyone a hero to look up to but not outshine the heroes of the past. an equal balance where anyone can find themselves in.

The writer will be discussing his latest project for the first time this weekend on DC in D.C.’s “The Many Shades of Heroism: DC Heroes Through the African-American Lens” panel. DC in D.C. is being called “a landmark pop culture event illuminating the story of America and current issues through the lens of comics and Super Heroes”. You’ll be able to check out this event via the live stream on Saturday, January 13, at 11 a.m. ET on the DC YouTube channel.

The new miniseries is slated to launch in winter 2018, following Ridley’s current run at Vertigo with The American Way: Those Above and Those Below, an amazing sequal series to The American Way. You can find both the entire original series as well as the current series on Comixology or your local comic book shop right now.

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Founder of Shoot The Breeze Comics. Co-Host of the comic book news podcast Panel To Panel. A longtime comic book, video game, and anime nerd. Favorite Superhero is Aquaman...Fight Me

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