Titans Disassembled? (Titans #19 Comic Review)

Titans #19: The Trial of Donna Troy

Writer: Dan Abnett

Illustrator: Paul Pelletier

Colors: Adriano Lucas

Cover: Pelletier, Hennessy and Lucas

The comic opens with a heartfelt conversation between Roy and Donna, while Arsenal is trying to take down a drug cartel single handedly. After the future Troia’s prediction about Roy in the last issue, Arsenal is trying to prove himself and he’s beaten those particular skeletons in his closet before.

Days earlier, Batman calls them out on the major failures that have transpired among the team and the world as a whole, since the actions that have transpired with Troia could’ve ended in worldwide catastrophe. The issue questions whether or not the Titans can function any longer when the last mission had so many members making mistakes. Batman takes Nightwing aside and helps him reevaluate himself as a leader and they discuss whether or not the team can function properly with a couple of its members struggling as they are. With the Titans being so close to each other and growing up as a team, he asks Dick if his perceptions are realistic and questions if he’s not seeing what’s actually happening, because he’s letting his personal feelings for his friends cloud his judgement of the situation. He feels Batman cut his legs out from beneath him until Bruce explains to Dick what it means to be a true leader, both in the good times when things are working properly and the bad times when things seems to have fallen apart completely. Bruce further reminds Dick of a powerful message that was given to him while he was still Robin right before he met the Justice League for the first time.

After Nightwing’s decision, Roy rushes off alone and the issue picks back up from where we left off and concludes in a massive cliffhanger.

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Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

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This issue was amazing from beginning to end, the art was amazing and drew the reader in wonderfully but was only a compliment to the storyline, which was incredible it brought the reader in and helped you feel the world in the eyes of these characters. This book needs to be picked up!
  • I love books that start out with in your face action and Paul’s style is as such that you feel drawn in completely. The very first panel of the book is Arsenal kicking some poor guy right in the head! Can’t get any better than that, the art and storyline pull the reader in and is so engaging throughout the entire issue.
  • The writing is magnificent, Dan did such an amazing job pulling the reader in and engaging the audience completely from the very beginning. There was amazing action and the drama and the book felt realistic and heartfelt. Books like this reminds me the reasons I love comics.
Writing - 9
Art - 9

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