“You look ridiculous.” (Batman #39 Comic Review)

Batman #39 “Superfriends” Part 3!

Script: Tom King

Interiors: Joëlle Jones

Color: Jordie Bellaire

Letters: Clayton Cowles

Cover: Mikel Janin

Batman and Wonder Woman’s friendship has been a pinnacle in the DC Universe. Now their friendship is put to the test as they fight a never ending horde of creatures. Can their friendship grow into something stronger or will they not survive the endless hordes?

What you need to know: Wonder Woman has come to Gotham in search for Batman. She has come to keep a promise she and Batman made a very long time ago, and will not leave until Batman goes with her. Catwoman thinks Batman’s new suit looks ridiculous.

What you’ll find out: For many years The Gentle Man has fought everlasting hordes always surviving, always waiting for the next wave of monsters to arrive, but now he wants to take a break and call for the help of Wonder Woman and Batman so that they may take his place for a little while. The problem is that time is different from where he comes from.

What just happened? Wonder Woman and Batman travel to fulfil a promise once made many years ago to The Gentle Man. As The Gentle Man comes to Gotham, Catwoman takes him to see the sights and get something to eat. But when she finds out how time works back where he came from, she is confused and worried.

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Let’s just say Catwoman will not be pleased on how this issue ends. As for Wonder Woman and Batman, they continue their fighting against monsters for many years and their friendship grows stronger with every passing day, maybe even getting closer than before.

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  1. Go and read action comics #761 from 2000…its the same issue but with superman instead of batman!

    • Will do. Thank you for the suggestion.

      • let me know what you think


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