Me am Me (Red Hood and The Outlaws #18 Comic Review)

Red Hood and The Outlaws #18

Written By: Scott Lobdell

Art: Sergio Sandoval

Colors: Juan Albarran and Michael Atiyeh

Letters: Taylor Esposito

Cover: Mike McKone and Romulo Fadardo Jr.

Variant: Guillem March


Synopsis: This is “Bizarro Reborn” part five! With the H.I.V.E. queen wreaking havoc in Gotham City, Artemis’ growing suspicion about Bizarro’s newfound intelligence could lead to a shocking discovery that will forever alter the future of the Outlaws. Meanwhile, would Bizarro really invite a new member to join the team without running it by Red Hood first?


What You’ll Need To Know: Bizarro, before being killed and brought to life again by the infamous Lex Luthor, had the mind and intelligence of a child. After his “Rebirth” he had the mind of a super genius. He builds high tech equipment as easy as riding a bike. Bizarro even got out of being prisoner and made a deal with Amanda “The Wall” Waller to help save the world with the Suicide Squad. Bizarro had been a great asset and has done no harm, his mind is has served as a great help and his heart is in the right place, so what’s the issue?


In This Issue: Bizarro is in serious denial about who he really is, and his super intelligence is slowly deteriorating. He is doing everything in his power to keep his teammates form finding out. Artemis has always suspected that something was wrong or going to go wrong. Now, it kind of is. Especially now that Bizarro asked The Creeper, a hilarious character that even creeps out The Joker at times funny enough. What history does he have with Artemis to piss her off so bad. Super intelligence or not I think asking The Creeper to join The Outlaws is a strange, funny, but really strange move for Bizarro. The strangest move of all comes at the very end. He is paying a huge price if he wants to keep his intelligence.

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Art is great, but I still love Dexter Soy’s more. The art style plus colors AND details make everything pop and adds to a better story.
  • We Bizarro’s past finally comes to haunt him (sadly)
  • The Creeper and his long ass neck/shoulder beard
  • Madame H.I.V.E wasn’t necessary for the cover.
  • There were a lot of parts of the storyline I didn’t feel were totally necessary
Artwork - 8.5
Cover - 7.5
Plot - 7
Fluidity - 8
Character Development - 9

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