Welcome to HECK! (Rocko’s Modern Life #2 Comic Review)

Rocko’s Modern Life #2

Created by: Joe Murray

Written by: Ryan Ferrier

Illustrated by: Ian McGinty

Colors by: Fred C. Stresing

Letters by: Jim Campbell

Cover by: Jorge Monlongo

“Costume Catastrophe”

Written and Illustrated by: David Degrand

Rocko has a new job, but it isn’t everything he hoped for. It might be worse than he even imagined. Now he must find ways to get fired, and he’ll do whatever it takes.

What you need to know: Rocko has lost his job and is in desperate need for another job. With a new annoying roommate and not having enough money, Rocko will work any job that comes his way. But when his wish comes true Rocko realizes not everything he wished for is sunshine’s and rainbows.

What you’ll find out: Having his new job and working to death, Rocko has had it with his roommate. He comes home to a trashed place and can’t get any peace and quiet. What he thought would help has only made everything much worse.

What just happened? Now fully employed by Peaches and working harder than ever, Rocko has no time for himself or Spunky, his house is a major mess and his roommate has fully taken over his home. Heffer and Filbert try to give Rocko help to get out of his contract but he must do the unthinkable to get his soul back.

Rocko and Heffer go to Comic Con!


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One reason why I love Rocko’s Modern Life is because of their over the top adventures, and this second issue still keeps that same feeling from the 90’s cartoon. If you were a kid in the 90’s and loved watching Nickelodeon and Rocko’s Modern Life, you should definitely be reading this series. You better not be missing one of Nickelodeon and Boom’s great master piece.   

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