The Bat Whispers (Harley Quinn #35 Comic Review)

Harley Quinn #35 Batter Up Part 1

Writer: Frank Tieri

Artist: Inaki Miranda

Color: Jeremiah Skipper

Letters: Dave Sharpe

Cover: Amanda Conner & Hi-Fi

Variant: Franko Cho & Sabine Rich


Synopsis: In Part 1 of Batter Up, Harley Quinn’s friends try reaching out after she isolates herself while having a rough time. However, when she hears from the gang and locals that he gets abducted by a Bat, and not a member of the Bat family, she has so choice but to interact and try and save him.


What You’ll Need To Know: The awesome Frank Tieri has taken over writing! Harley has a hard time and blames herself for people close to her getting hurt. Her new love was murdered by her enemy Mayor DePerto a few issues ago.


In This Issue: Some things are the same and pick up from previous issues but it is starting over in a way so they can have more material to work with. It takes place the most at Coney Island pier, and we see how Big Tony goes missing. Him and Harley have been tight since the beginning, always having each other’s backs, so of course she snaps out of her funk. She encounters this Bat, ironically, with a bat! But she does this very badass-ly. It is awesome to see a Batman villain (Kirk Langstrom behind it all, or.. almost) in this issue but with the Harley Quinn twist. This was written well overall and could pick the series back up again.

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Art is awesome! I love the shading and darker colors by Miranda and Skipper. The cover looks cute like an average Harley issue, but the art makes it look like Suicide Squad which is cool because she’s great in that.
  • Great art, the style still fits Harley Quinn comics
  • Lots of the characters we know and love are in it
  • Big Tony acting like Danzig, whom we all know he was drawn after
  • More gritty
  • I hate that Daddy’s Little Monster shirt
Artwork - 9
Cover - 8
Plot - 8
Fluidity - 5
Character Development - 7.5

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