Ms Marvel and Squirrel Girl Team Up for MARVEL RISING!

Ms Marvel, Squirrel Girl, America, Inferno, and Patriot team up for a brand-new tale featuring the new generation of Marvel super heroes! MARVEL RISING promises a thrilling new comic book mini event by kicking off this spring with a special FREE #0 issue!

The all-new tale begins when Kamala Khan and Doreen Green take on a Marvel Universe mission in MARVEL RISING #0 this April to be released just before Free Comic Book Day. The heroes meet for the first time in a strange twist of fate when discovering each other’s secret identities in a classic superhero story that follows Marvel’s acclaimed history of team-ups. Featuring art by Marco Failla (Ms. Marvel), issue #0 will be written by Devin Grayson (Power Pack, Ghost Rider). Grayson will be joined for future stories by Ms. Marvel writer G. Willow Wilson and Unbeatable Squirrel Girl writer Ryan North.

Retailers will be receiving FREE copies of MARVEL RISING #0 in April. The story continues this June with another epic tale that launches with an issue tied to a Father’s Day event in comic shops.

Marvel Rising is a celebration of the awesome breakout heroes of the Marvel Universe,” says Sana Amanat, VP of Content Development. “The animated stories build upon the great comic books these characters were born in, so we knew a Marvel Rising comic was the perfect place to tell a story fans have been waiting for! It’s about time Kamala and Doreen became super hero besties.

MARVEL RISING stars the next generation of Marvel heroes in a multi-platform franchise. It kicks off this year encompassing a wide array of content. MARVEL RISING: SECRET WARRIORS is set to debut later this year and feature six four-minute digital shorts followed by an animated feature. What exactly does it take to be a young hero in the Marvel Universe? Find out this April with the FREE issue of MARVEL RISING #0 in comic shops featuring Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl, Inferno, America, and Patriot!

This is going to be one massive event promising to bring in new fans of all backgrounds to the newest generation of heroes. What do you think this multi-platform franchise will bring to Marvel Comics? Comment below to let us know!

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Christina Williams

Christina Williams

Managing Editor
I'm Christina. I'm 22, and I read comics often as well as draw. What draws me in to a comic most is the art and plot.
Written by
I'm Christina. I'm 22, and I read comics often as well as draw. What draws me in to a comic most is the art and plot.

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