Pull List and Random News for the Week of 2/7/18

Welcome to the Shoot the Breeze Pull list! Where we let you know what we’re excited about this week and other random news from the week.

First I have to start off with a correction for last weeks list. My top pull Sacred Creatures #6 was delayed until March 28th. So if you went into your local comic shop looking for it I apologize.

Now onto this weeks news, which is mostly on the Bendis front at DC.

Shoot the Breeze’s own Scott Shuken interviewed Scott Snyder, and during the interview Snyder hinted at potentially crossing over with Bendis once he gets going on the books he’s taking over.

The next morning Forbes revealed that Bendis was to Write Superman, Revive Jinxworld, and oversee new custom imprints at DC Comics.

Now on to the comics!

My Pull List

Paper Girls #20 – Last issue in a fantastic arc, will the girls escape the year 2000? Probably, but I’m guessing we’re getting more questions before we start getting answers.

X-Men: Red #1 – Jean is back and ready to lead a team! Can’t wait to see her recruit everyone, very excited about this series.

The Walking Dead #176 – Loving this arc so far. Going to be disappointed if this new group has been hiding a “dark secret”. Rick and crew can’t be three only non crazy people to survive. Also need to know what happens with the cliffhanger from last issue.

Star Wars: Thrawn #1 – The best part of the Star Wars EU is back in the Star Wars universe! Was a huge fan of Thrawn back in the day so I hope this measures up.

X-Men: Gold #21 – Will he say yes?! The answer everybody who hasn’t read the annual yet is waiting for!

Star Wars #43 – If this series doesn’t get a new artist soon, I might be dropping it. A fantastic story is ruined by those horrible, atrocious looking photorealistic faces. Who is signing off on these monstrosities?


And here are some lists of everything else that is coming out this week! Let us know what you’re looking forward to!

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