Raise The Dead (All-New Wolverine #30 Comic Review)

Writer: Tom Taylor

Art: Juann Cabal

Color: Nolan Woodard

Cover: Dan Mora & Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Letters: Cory Petit










Synopsis: In this final part of Orphans of X, Laura and the team have to track down Daken and find a way to stop The Orphans for good.


What You’ll Need To Know: Aside from the usual we have come to expect this arc, you know, people being shot up and tracked by The Orphans of X, they finally have an upper hand. Laura’s new armor makes her invincible to the bullets made of the Murumasa blade. Daken allows himself to be kidnapped despite knowing that he will be murdered like Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike, and even Logan. Why would he make that choice? Luckily for for the team, they were able to track him with Debbie’s cellphone that was conveniently within Daken’s own body. They find his body. They’re not surprised, since they knew this would happen. They make the choice to remove the bullet themselves.

In This Issue: What’s this? Everyone’s back from the dead! Laura’s doing everything she possibly can to prove she is not just a killing machine. She’s taking the wisest steps she can to ensure peace between the Orphans. It doesn’t matter anymore what they’ve done to her and her family. Or what they desired to do to Mutant-kind. They had to be stopped. Peacefully.

While I do see what the issue was trying to do for Laura and her being against murder now, I feel like it could have been done better. “We are all The Orphans”? I found that very cliche, honestly. Overall, since they were battling for so long, especially against enemies as formidable as these, I was expecting a more intense ending. Maybe I just don’t  “get” what the point was, but that was a bit of a let down. I also don’t believe that this is the last we will see of The Orphans.

The art as always is awesome. I just wasn’t crazy about this as an ending. Laura does take the peaceful approach to show the Orphans of X that not all mutants are killers and monsters. I could appreciate that. I liked how they revealed the organization. In the end, they really were Laura’s victims.


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Laura is sticking to her new peaceful ways of no killing. She tries to keep the peace between her and The Orphans despite everything that has gone down. Laura is wise, but perhaps a bit foolish.
  • Laura goes Captain America all over their asses
  • Surprisingly peaceful. Too peaceful.
  • Loose ends.
Art - 8.5
Plot - 6
Fluidity from Previous Issue - 7.5
Character Development - 7.5
Cover - 9

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