Guess Who’s Back? Back Again? (X-Men Red #1 Comic Review)

Writer: Tom Taylor

Artist: Mahmud Assar

Cover Artist: Travis Charist

Possible Spoilers

What you need to know:

In 2004, Jean Grey died. For the last 14 years, the world has been without her. With this return, she has told the Phoenix Force that she’s taking life and death into her own hands. On her terms and hers alone to let the world know exactly who she is. What kind of legacy will she hold in this world that has changed so drastically? The world fears and hates her more than ever, so what kind of power over it, will Jean hold?

This comic is EVERYTHING that makes X-Men great. It has so much heart and soul, that I couldn’t help but feel excited for the comic series and the future of mutant kind. From the very first panel, you are brought back into the world that fears and hates mutants with ease. The sociological issues that are presented throughout the entirety of the comic is incredible. The same issues that have always been an underlying basis of the X-Men mythos are brought back to modern day. Right into your face so you can never look away. The story-lines have matured, and so have the characters in a very realistic way. I was impressed with how the writing and art fit the story perfectly in this next step into the world that mutants are now facing. Despite Xavier’s dream being around for so many generations and iterations, it’s nice seeing how the mythos has continued to stand up to time. Unfortunately, there is still bigotry and there are individuals blind to what it is to truly be human. However, this allows Jean Grey to open her heart entirely to those who are in the most need of her and to nurture the needs of the younger generations of mutants.










She stands in the midst of the world leaders and makes known to them her vision and belief of peaceful coexistence between both Homo Sapien and Homo Superior. Her means to accomplish these rather grandiose goals are also made known with the backing of two allies. She’s met with severe opposition. Is the only one who has come back from the dead? Or has someone else returned with a vengeance?

I have been reading X-Men for thirty years or so. I’ve been looking forward to a new dawn for the mutants for a long time. That’s not to say that the story-lines have been bad over the past several years, but the story lines out now are on par to the John Byrne and Chris Claremont days. It’s a wonderful time to be a fan of the X-Men. I loved reading this book start to finish. I thoroughly enjoy comics that make me question just what it means to be human and why it is so important to care about everyone around me. The art at first, did not impress me. However, after reading it, I believe that Mahmud is PERFECT for this. Every single panel gripped my attention, and the story flows well. The character depth is astounding already; I haven’t been this impressed in a very long time.

Let’s sit back and enjoy the ride! Pick up this comic now!



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The world has not been the same without Jean Grey. How will the leaders cope knowing the one they feared the most is back? What will Jean do? Is she the only one to return from the dead?
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Story - 9
Art - 9
Character Development - 9
Plot - 9

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