The Sorcerer’s Favor (The Amazing Spider-Man #795)

Writers: Dan Slott & Christos Gage

Penciler: Mike Hawthorne

Inker: Terry Pallot

Color Artist: Marte Gracia

Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna

The Amazing Spider-Man #795

The good ‘ole “Parker Luck” strikes again! This issue sets the backdrop for fans’ favorite version of Peter Parker: penniless and single. We also get a cameo from the newest Sorcerer Supreme.

The Deets

Issue #795 opens with Peter Parker finally moving out of his girlfriend’s apartment (ex-girlfriend?) into his very own place. Of course, in true Parker fashion, it’s small and cheap. Good to see Pete getting back to his roots!

Peter suits up to make his way to the Daily Bugle where he works as the paper’s science editor. When he arrives at the Bugle, he receives a letter via messenger raven (including a great Game of Thrones/Harry Potter joke). The insignia inscribed on the letter belongs to the Sorcerer Supreme, who Spidey soon finds out is NOT Stephen Strange. Enter huge deadly bugs, magical blasts, and time manipulation. All in a day’s work for your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Also in the issue, we see two enemies joining forces to take down our hero. The stage is being set for a legendary showdown in Spider-Man’s near future!

My Take

ASM #795 is absolutely a filler issue. I personally have no problems with fillers but if you are expecting plot twists or huge action, this issue isn’t it. #795 manages to keep the “Threat Level: Red” story going while resolving some character-related loose ends. Probably, the biggest take away would be the current status of Bobbi’s and Peter’s relationship. Writers Slott and Gage make it very apparent they are setting up the big clash for Spider-Man and his newly tag-teamed foes.

I am really enjoying the art in ASM. I would love to see bigger landscape panels but this issue was still great to look at.

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Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

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Overall ASM #795 is a solid issue. It is obviously a filler used to build the suspense for Spidey's next major threat.
  • Story is stil engaging
  • Great Cameo
  • Big Baddie Development
  • Not Much Action
Overall - 7.5
Story - 7.5
Art - 7.5

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