Can We Go Home Now? (Runaways #6 Review)

Runaways #6

Writer: Rainbow Rowell

Art: Kris Anka

Colors: Matthew Wilson


Granny vs the Runaways!

What you missed: As Chase works to get the band back together, his goal hits multiple snags when it doesn’t seem like everyone wants to leave their new lives. Molly has been living with her grandmother, who seemed sweet and granny-like at first but, she eventually showed her true colors as she turned her evil telepathic cats against our favorite orphans.

What happened: As Molly’s grandma shows her mad scientist prowess, the kids try to escape without actually hurting her, per Molly’s “rules of engagement.” The team has to get creative in order to escape this one and Molly has to choose between the “good” life she had and the friends who truly care for her.

What I thought: The issue reads very quickly and has a great powerful moment between Gert and Molly. Rowell knows what she’s doing with these characters. She pushes their limits while showing their personalities, like Karolina who seems almost like a pacifist at first but can unleash her power at the drop of hat.

Anka’s art delivers once again, giving us a “hip” and colorful issue that sets the tone for the story.

This was a great first arc for the team, it tested their loyalty and friendships. It put them back into action like any good superhero reunion, not because they wanted to but because they had to. I’m extremely curious to see whats in store for them, especially considering that their not just kids anymore. Some of them have really begun to flesh out their superhero careers and it will be really interesting to see how that develops in comparison to the others, particularly Gert.

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Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

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Molly's grandmother isn't who she seems to be. Can the runaways survive an evil Granny? With the art continuing to impress, this is a promising step into a new arc.
  • Psychic cats!
  • Great moments!
  • Resurrections!
  • Not much setup for future
Story - 8
Art - 9
Rentention - 7

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