Shadow Of Your Love (Rogue & Gambit #2 Comic Review)

Rogue and Gambit #2: Ring of Fire Part 2

Writer: Kelly Thompson

Art: Pere Perez

Cover: Kris Anka

Color: Frank D’Armata

Letters: Joe Caramagna

Variant: Mike McKone and Romulo Fajardo Jr.


Rogue and Gambit dig deep into their past in “therapy” to maintain their cover after a very invasive procedure, all the while snooping around after hours for clues about missing mutants.They end up discovering way more than they bargained for.

What You’ll Need To Know:

These two mutants give each other headaches. This might be because of their past as lovers; things have gotten complicated, to say the least. They have had their own partners respectively, but there is still residual feelings. The reason they ended up on this “Paraiso Island“ is because Kitty Pryde sent them on a mission to investigate the missing mutants. Could be nothing, could be a sh!t show.

In This Issue:

Rogue and Gambit have went under a “mind-mapping” procedure during their first night on the island, something they were not expecting at all, but they were not harmed. This begs the question if they had been robbed of more information than they were willing to give.They sit down and try to pinpoint the first time they met with Dr. Grant.Things get cloudy for the both of them and one remembers it being more romantic than it actually was.

Thompson’s reason to writing this series talks about the way the two function together. “With no disrespect to other great character pairings. I think Rogue and Gambit have a lot more heat and fun than most comic couples. It’s easy for them to get bogged down in drama and trauma, but at heart I think they’re way more fun than that and bring out both the best and worst in one another, which makes for great comics. Gambit naturally lightens Rogue who can sometimes become too serious in leadership roles. And Rogue sort of anchors Gambit and keeps him from feeling too inconsequential,” she says. These series do bring a good mix between a complicated relationship and good action. They get caught snooping around for things that could be a red flag and boy, did they find it. A group of angry mutants attacked them and the bodies of others! We get introduced to a brand new villain named Lavish who may be behind the whole thing.

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Summary: This is a great issue especially with Valentine’s Day coming up. It is a good mix of action and drama, with a little bit of homage to the past. The art by Perez is very detailed on character features and in backgrounds and everything else and D'Armata's mix of color makes it pop. Very fun read!
  • Picks up right where last issue left off, with a good explanation
  • We get a mix of a past but stay current
  • I feel like the cover could have had more detail, I'd prefer Pere Perez as cover artist
Artwork - 10
Storyline - 7.5
Cover - 6.5
Fluidity - 10
Meeting Expections - 7
Character Development - 9

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