20 Pages can be hard to fill (Action Comics #997 Comic Review)

Written by Dan Jurgens

Pencils by Brett Booth

Inks by Norm Rapmund

Colors by Andrew Dalhouse

Cover by Booth, Rapmund and Dalhouse

Previously: After bouncing around time, Booster Gold and Superman find themselves in a not too distant future, on a planet once called Jekull. It is now called New Krpyton, and is under control of the house of Zod. In the present, General Sam Lane has been kidnapped in Logomba while deep undercover, and Lois has snuck into the country to save him. Unbeknownst to her, her son Jon has stowed away to follow her!


What happened: Booster Gold and Superman are under attack by The Eradicator and Lor Zod, General Zod’s son. Booster Gold holds the Eradicator at bay while Superman goes toe to toe with the son of one of his greatest rivals. It doesn’t take Superman too long to best the angry tyrant, but it immediately attacked by General Zod himself, looking quite distinguished as an older man. With the element of surprise on his side, Zod easily incapacitates Superman and Booster Gold, stringing both up and surrounding them with his family and The Eradicator. Superman and Booster Gold are kept alive only by Booster’s forcefield, which is dwindling quickly as their enemies continually attack the two heroes.

Back in the present, Lois has finally found her father. With the help of a sympathetic soldier, she enters the bunker where her father is held captive. She is caught by a guard, but is quickly saved by Superboy, who is forced to reveal himself to protect his mother. Lois scolds her son, but is ultimately relieved to have some super-powered help. The two break out Sam Lane, who gets to meet his grandson for the first time. They make a run for it, but are spotted by some guard, who open fire on the fleeing Lane family!


Thoughts on the issue: This an arc began with Superman and Booster in an interesting plot and Lois stuck in a slow-moving side story, and has now flipped which setting has become the interesting one. After too many time jumps and uneventful slug-fests, the Superman and Booster storyline has dragged to the point where I was relieved to get to the plot line with Lois Lane and her father. Now that Jon is no longer hiding and we’ve met Sam, there are finally moving parts there to care about, especially the fact that Jon Kent is meeting his grandfather for the first time, a man who doesn’t know about his Kryptonian heritage. All in all, the issue felt like it couldn’t move past the events of the final page, and was just filling time until it got there. Getting through this issue is made harder by the art throughout, which has the same problems that Brett Booth brought to the book just two issues ago, this time with the added bonus of bizarre paneling that doesn’t come from or add to the story, but does leave a bunch of blank space on the page that makes me wonder if Booth just didn’t want to draw enough art to fill the whole book.

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"BOOSTER SHOT" part five! Superman and Booster Gold are stranded in time on a world ruled by not one but two Generals Zod! As Lor-Zod asserts himself as rightful heir to the military dictatorship of their adopted homeworld, Old Man Zod turns his attention to the interlopers from the past. Our heroes' only hope of survival is to repair their craft and get home-but to do that, they'll need to travel into the belly of beast!
  • Sam Lane meeting Jon Kent
  • Plot continues to feel stretched
  • Awkward Paneling and Artwork
Writing - 6.5
Artwork - 3.5

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