BOYZ NIGHT OUT and ONLINE DATING…WHAT CAN GO WRONG? (Rocko’s Modern Life #3 Comic Review)

Rocko’s Modern Life #3

Created by: Joe Murray

Written by: Ryan Ferrier

Illustrated by: Ian McGinty

Colors: by: Fred C. Stresing

Letters: by: Jim Campbell

Cover by: Jorge Monlongo

“Bloaty and Squirmy”

Written by: and Illustrated by: Tony Millinaire

Colors by: by: Alex Grushky

With a new job finally Rocko tries to be an adult and try to keep his job… this time. But sometimes the boyz need to hang out and have some fun. What Rocko, Heffer, and Filbert are not prepared for is what Mr. Bighead brings to the table.

What you need to know:

Rocko lost his job, got a roommate, than began to work in HECK. Finally getting rid of his roommate and quitting HECK, Rocko now has another job; but who really loves to work especially if everyone is always yelling at you? That’s why sometimes you just have to go out and relax.

What you’ll find out:

Working at the car wash Rocko is tired of everyone yelling at him, composing himself to keep his job he finads out that one of his friends is hurt. Coming together they have an idea that he must get his mind off things, so the boyz decide to go out and have some fun, but when all else fails… online dating is where it’s at.

What just happened?

Rocko’s Modern Life takes real life matters and takes it up a notch. We all hate most of our jobs and most of the time we must find ways to not lash out on other people. So what we do is go out and have fun with friends, but when one of your friends is heartbroken; what will you do to make them feel better? That is where Rocko’s Modern Life #3 takes us as we see the guys go out and try online dating to help one of the boyz to get back on his feet.

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Rocko continues to out shine in every way. This time nothing extremely major happens, but if we know what Rocko’s Modern Life is about it will turn things on his head quickly. We get to see the beginning of something that will not only probably get Rocko hurt, but most definitely have Rocko question his life and where he is at in it. Mr. Bighead has always been that mean neighbor and most of the times hates Rocko. This time Rocko and the boyz are there to save his day and mend his broken heart, but can Mr. Bighead let go and enjoy boyz night out or is it just too late for him? Also Bloaty and Squirmy get a flea circus… step right up!

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