The Demon Was in You the Whole Time!(Kill of be Killed #16 Review)

Kill or be Killed #16

Story: Ed Brubaker

Art: Sean Phillips

Cover Art: Elizabeth Breitweiser

Kill Or Be Killed #16

What You Missed:

Dylan is stuck in a mental institution after the return of the Demon drove him to beat the hell out of his roommate. In an attempt to get the Demon to leave him alone, Dylan decides to confess to everything he’s done. But his therapist laughs him off because the vigilante has been committing murders while Dylan was in the institution…


We start off with a look at the copycat killer who has taken up the mantel of the vigilante while Dylan is locked away in the mental institution. However, Dylan says he got the message all wrong because he’s going after street level dealers got caught on camera. The therapist uses Dylan’s “fake” confession to change his meds. The new medications leave Dylan basically catatonic and he floats through the next few weeks in a haze, barely registering a visit from his mom and Kira.

Eventually, they lower Dylan’s sedatives enough that he notices something isn’t right in the institution and starts to make a plan… Meanwhile, in NYC, his copycat vigilante kills a cop and becomes public enemy #1 and Dylan’s roommate makes a discovery that leads him to call the NYPD!


It looks like the copycat vigilante is somebody we’ve never met before, so my wild speculation last issue turned out to be just that. But, regardless, it’s another fantastic issue that again makes you wonder if the demon is real or not. We didn’t see him the entire issue, but were Dylan’s meds working or was he right when he said it was just biding its time until he gets released again? Dylan’s logic does read like that of a crazy person. When he decides later in the issue to kill the orderly who is abusing patients, it’s not really a question anymore. He is absolutely not a sane person.

Dylan’s on the NYPD’s radar now and what repercussions this will have will be shown with time. As always, I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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Another fantastic issue that shows us who Dylan is becoming even without the Demon there to egg him on. The issue showcases that eventually, everything will catch up to you.
  • Excellent writing.
  • Plot Twists.

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