Wow Catharsis Is Pretty (All-New Wolverine #31 Comic Review)

All-New Wolverine #31

Writer: Tom Taylor

Art: Marco Failla

Cover: David Lopez

Color: Nolan Woodard

Variant: Mike Perkins and Andy Troy

Synopsis: Gabby makes a shocking discovery about Jonathon The Wolverine’s past and turns to the only person she can trust to help her…DEADPOOL? Will Deadpool help with Gabby’s mission of vengeance, or will he only make matters worse?


What You’ll Need To Know: A few issues ago, there had been a virus that spread throughout Roosevelt Island and Wolverine had to call Logan, Daken, and ‘Merc With A Mouth’ Deadpool to help. Since they all had healing factors, they were able to overcome the virus and save everyone, but it was close. Over that mission, Gaby and Deadpool became bestfriends!


In This Issue: The kickass comic we have come to know and love, definitely has a dark side. It is nice to get something lighthearted! Jonathon, Gabby’s beloved pet wolverine is hyper and destructive and needs a walk around the city. They come across the lab where Jonathon and his family were born and experimented on. Gabby could always rely on her buddy Deadpool to engage in illegal activity for the purpose of saving animals! They expect to find standard animal cosmetic testing but they were way off! They have created bloodthirsty zombie animals! Laura catches them; hilariously I might add: “You went four blocks. I’m Wolverine”. Laura supports her little clone in burning this place to the ground and bringing justice for Jonathon!

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Art was awesome by Failla, and it totally works for an All-New Wolverine issue. This was a perfect comic to bring Deadpool in and we’ll see if he is able to help them against their next adversary!
  • Cute zombie animals
  • Funny
  • Great stand alone
  • Animal Cruelty
Artwork - 9
Storyline - 9
Character Development - 7
Cover - 10
Variant - 7

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