“BAT! IS HE DEAD?” (Batman #42 Comic Review)

Batman #42 “EVERYONE LOVES IVY” Part Two!

Script: Tom King

Art and Cover: Mikel Janin

Color: June Chung

Letters: Clayton Cowles

The entire world is in love with Poison Ivy, her influence has taken the world by storm. The Justice League was no match and only Batman and Catwoman escaped her love. Can they stop what Poison Ivy has done to the world or will she reign Queen over the human race?

What you need to know:

Poison Ivy has control over everyone on the planet! Batman and Catwoman try to figure out how she has done it and stop the never-ending love, in hopes to bring everyone back, But when the entire Justice League team is watching you like guards in a prison there is only so much you can do. As Poison Ivy watches them through the eyes of everyone that passes by them, Batman and Catwoman go out for a bite to eat; and talk about their wedding plans.

What you’ll find out:

The planet is healing, there is peace and prosperity all throughout the world and everyone is happy. People all around the world are eating and there is no more gun violence. It may sound like a world we all dream about, but what really is behind this entire new prefect world? Things cannot be as perfect without a price, Batman and Catwoman know that something is wrong and rush to find it. Looking for a man that Poison Ivy has taken away and not part of her new loved world, it may seem that Batman and Cawoman have crossed the line for the last time.

What just happened?

Batman and Catwoman go hunting down for a person who has severe allergies to greens but has fallen out of radar. With what resources they have both Batman and Catwoman begin to put the pieces together on how Poison Ivy has full control over the entire world. With her eye watch every move they make, Poison Ivy has had it with the newly engaged couple and what happens next will drop your jaw to the floor (mine did). Don’t miss the Batman issue everyone will be talking about for weeks to come. I hope after what happened to Batman he can recover and come back stronger… I hope.

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