Reunited and it Feels so Good! (Saga #49 Comic Review)

Saga #49

Artist/Letterer: Fiona Staples

Writer: Brian K Vaughan

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What you missed:

The planet of Landfall and it’s moon Wreath are locked in a never ending war, but because the destruction of one would lead to the destruction of both, they have exported the war to other planets dragging the rest of the galaxy with them by forcing planets to chose sides. But a solider from Landfall (Alana) and a solider from Wreath (Marko) fell in love and had a baby (Hazel). Neither side of the conflict is eager for this information to go public,so they must live their life on the run. If you haven’t already I highly, highly recommend picking up the first trade at your Local Comic Shop! It’s an amazing series.

Well, our favorite fugitive family of Marko, Alana and Hazel, along with companions Prince Robot, his son Squire, Petrichor, everybody’s favorite little guy Ghüs!, and the two journalists Upsher and Doff, all reunited as the last story arc ended in a rare happy ending for everyone! Well, almost everyone, as The Will was captured by Lanthe who along with killing Sweet Boy (R.I.P. Gone too soon), was on a mission to kill everyone The Will ever loved as revenge. The Will had killed her fiancé (who was working for child sex traffickers). However, when she found out about Hazel, she got a new mission.


It wouldn’t be Saga without a big beautiful NSFW spread to welcome you back from a break. In this case it’s The Will’s dick as Lanthe parades him along naked on the trail of Alana, Marko and Hazel. We then jump back to our favorite family, before jumping again right to a nice raunchy scene between Prince Robot and Petrichor. These two are very much enjoying their new budding relationship, though one maybe more than the other. Upsher and Doff try with little success to get permission from Alana and Marko to tell their story, while Hazel and Squire get in a scuffle. Babysitter Ghüs tell them to use their words, which leads to a reminder of how cruel kids can be.

Prince Robot meanwhile having overheard Upsher and Doff’s offer to Alana and Marko for their story offers a story of his own thats almost as juicy.  But while he says he wants a the deal with his words, his misgivings are written all over his face/screen, whatever you call it.


What a return! NSFW panels! Ghüs being cute! Hazel dropping verbal bombs on people! The fate of the Galaxy on the line! This issue had it all, along with the amazing art we’ve come to expect from Fiona Staples. Lanthe is shaping up to be a pretty good antagonist, and the back and forth between her and The Will is great. Upsher and Doff are understandably dying to do something now that they don’t have to spend all their time avoiding dying, but I can see why Alana and Marko aren’t too keen to change into fish people. It was a great chance for them to drop another quotable fake quote:

“War can’t be ended any more than the rain.

All we can do is help each other stay dry.”

Hazel continues to be a bit of a little shit, which I actually like because it gives the the opportunity to regret it. Her face after telling squire “you look dumb without a mom” were probably the best panels of the issue. She then turns around and continues to be a shit to our precious Ghüs… I still love her though! She’s got a good heart. The end of the issue was also fantastic. Prince Robot’s face on the last page was amazing and I can’t wait to see how Upsher and Doff respond. I also don’t think he knows what he’s in for trying to convince Petrichor to change her body.

Overall a fantastic return that checks in on almost all of the characters (No Sofia, Gwen or Lying Cat) and set the stage for what looks to be a great arc.



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A fantastic return! NSFW panels! Ghüs being cute! Hazel dropping verbal bombs on people! The fate of the Galaxy on the line! This issue had it all, along with the amazing art we've come to expect from Fiona Staples. Will they be able to stop Lanthe from killing everyone The Will Loves?
  • Artwork
  • Storyline is entertaining.

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