Xavier: Back from the Dead (Astonishing X-Men #8 Comic Review)

Astonishing X-Men #8-A Man Called X Part 2

Writer: Charles Soule

Art: Paulo Siquiera, Walden Wong and Robero Poggi

Cover: Mike Deodato Jr. and Roberto Poggi

Color: Edgar Delgado

Letters: Clayton Cowles



Charles Xavier has come back to life, unfortunately, he is not the only one who has! This may have made the greatest mistake of his life. Still reeling from their narrow escape from the SHADOW KING and the loss of a crucial ally, how will the mutant heroes face an enemy with the power to remake the world?

What You’ll Need To Know:

Shadow King had spread his psionic virus all throughout London, and had even gotten a hold of some of the X-Men! Logan, Gambit, and Bishop were wreaking havoc in London while Mystique and Rogue were on the Astral Plane dealing with Shadow King with the aid of Charles. Psylocke and Angel had to deal with the virus in the real world that caused them to call forth Warren’s very dangerous alter ego, Archangel to deal with the X-Men who were under Farouk’s control. This could have been a terrible mistake for them, but it worked! They seemed victorious. That was, until Charles Xavier came back to life, with the aid of Fantomex and his new body he possessed. The team is very skeptical of a new young Charles Xavier and Fantomex taking his place on the Astral Plane in his own paradise. Fantomex seemed totally happy with it.

In This Issue:

Proteus is released at the end of the last issue just as they think they are all done with this psychic nonsense after defeating Shadowking. Proteus is also known as Kevin MacTaggert, the son of Moira MacTaggert. He was locked away to protect himself, and let’s be honest to protect everyone else. Proteus has the ability to alter reality and possess people and use them as a vessel. X, the new name young Charles Xavier has taken on, has to teach the team how to properly defeat him. The team doesn’t trust X as much as they’d like to, especially Bishop. Bishop states that he sees Proteus in his “end time database”. However, he doesn’t have much other option but to shoot to save the people in his path. The X-Men have an option to fight him, metal can phase him, but X wants to try something on the peaceful side. X and Psylocke encounter Proteus in the Astral Plane as Kevin MacTaggert, he acts civil, insists he has changed, but he can’t be that civil when he’s trying to feed off people in London. Kevin does has a grudge against The X-Men for killing him, and he insists he will not be caged up again. If he does not get his way, more havoc is yet to come.

It’s exciting to see what will happen. The new, young Charles Xavier is unpredictable and not the same Professor X they love and trust. This makes things interesting and confusing. It seems easy to just defeat a villain like they always do, but when it is someone who they have had a rocky history with before, it can prove to be a little difficult. They pretty much had to put him down as kid. The art and penciling has good detail and the color is vibrant, especially with Proteus, who can overshadow everyone else at times.

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Charles Xavier, better known now as X, has made his triumphant return. However, is this a mistake? The X-Men don't trust this new version of him. X is determined to talk to Proteus without causing more bloodshed. He wants to solve this the peaceful way, but Proteus holds a nasty grudge. Can they save the day peacefully?
  • More Astral Plane action
  • We get a classic villain too
  • Earth is affected by someone in the Astral plane!
Art - 8
Cover - 8
Storyline - 8
Plot - 7
Character Development - 7

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