Sweet Nothings and Kinetic Explosions (Rogue & Gambit #3 Review)

Rogue & Gambit #3: Ring of Fire Part 3

Writer: Kelly Thompson

Art: Pére Perez

Cover: Kris Anka

Colors: Frank D’Armata

Letters: Joe Caramanga


On-again, off-again pairing Rogue and Gambit stumble across some bizarre findings on Paraiso Island. Their memories are not totally intact though. Along with that, they experience the weirdest couple therapy ever!


What You Need To Know:

There’s been a ton of tension on Rogue and Gambit’s undercover mission, especially since the two have to act like a couple getting therapy. In the last issue, they underwent a “consensual”, invasive mind-mapping procedure. They were not harmed and it did not seem like their cover was blown. In their session with Dr. Grand, they pinpoint the first time they met and between the both of them, things got cloudy. Does a meeting count if you can’t remember it and if you were under the control of someone else? Dr. Grand gave the illusion that she was non-malicious; however, we were introduced to a new villain named Lavish who really seems to be pulling the strings.

In This Issue:
They have made few breakthroughs in their “relationship”. Even though they are undercover, truth comes out! Dr. Grand asks them why they never end up staying together and they reveal that the issue is trust and that Antarctica was their first time being intimate with touch alone—she’s Rogue, so of course, she’ll absorb thoughts with any person she touches, even if she doesn’t hurt them. She couldn’t deal with Gambit’s past so she said abandons him, which she regrets; He has always had a strong personality and intense relationships in the past and they are both so hard-headed.
They experience fuzzy memories and know that there’s something up, yet they’re so happy rekindling what they had.

My thoughts:

I think the fact that they don’t remember a brawl with a group of mutants is a red flag. Were those the same mutants we were introduced to in the very first comic? A lot of what’s going on on the island seems like deja vu, or is it just that the couple therapy they didn’t sign up for working? Ever want to beat the crap out of your ex or kill an old memory? Here’s your chance! Just kidding, don’t. That’s abuse.

Lavish says they’re the perfect pair to feed off of. Aside from their powers, they have so much history, chemistry, passion. And we definitely get steamy moments in this issue!

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This was jam packed full of a lot of action, romance, and suspence. I’ve been loving how this comic pays homage to the past. Whether it be Rogue and Gambit’s history and complications, to silly outfits. Plus they art gets all the different versions right and it’s wonderful all around! This plot is as far-fetched as it is good. Yes, it’s almost like that random fluffy fanfic to get two soulmates together on a romantic retreat, and having a villain feed off them. Of course it would be Rogue and Gambit. They have faced weirder things on other missions! The cover is a great subtle giveaway for what happens in the issue!
  • I’m sure you’ve wanted to kick your past self in the ass a few times. It's done here!
  • I have not been this excited to do a review a while, so much happens!
  • Could this love last or are they just super jaded?
Art - 10
Cover - 10
Storyline - 7
Plot - 8
Character Development - 8

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