A NEW GOD! (Mister Miracle #7 Comic Review)

Mister Miracle #7

Writer: Tom King

Pencils, Inks, Colors, and Variant Cover: Mitch Gerads

Letterer: Clayton Cowles

Cover: Nick Derington

Mister Miracle and Big Barda are in huge trouble and they might have no escape this time around. The War with Apokolips has escalated; things seem to be only getting worse for the couple. With the Female Furies dropping by for a visit, Mister Miracle and Big Barda’s life is just getting more hectic. Can Scott Free escape this fate or has it caught up to him at last? You don’t want to miss the comic that just keeps getting better, the amazing Mister Miracle!

What you need to know:

This issue really hit home with me, as a new father of a 4-month baby I related with a lot of what happened (well not the part with a fiery blade). If you are a first-time father or mother you may connect to it as well. As Mister Miracle and Big Barda venture to a place where both have never been before a very scary place where anything can happen; emotions run wild when the first ever New God will be born on earth; “The First child born of Apokolips and New Genesis.”

What you’ll find out:

Mister Miracle and Big Barda rush to the hospital as Big Barda’s contractions are 4 minutes apart. A new life is coming to this world, but with it comes the worries. Will he be ok?, Is she ok?, What should we name him?, Do the doctors and nurses know what they are doing? All questions one asks as they wait in the delivery room on the final push. As first time parents who are out there as myself and have gone through the worries as Mister Miracle, issue 7 will hit all these marks; those quiet moments where you wait and look at your phone for no reason in hopes that time may speed up, and those moments where you keep asking each other if the other is ok. Mitch Gerads, a new father himself as well, shows us exactly how all those moments feel. Mister Miracle like ourselves will never be the same.

What just happened?

The new Highfather of New Genesis will be having a New God of his own, but as he and Big Barda await his arrival, the war with Apokolips calls for help. Mister Miracle’s only attention will be on Big Barda today and the war must wait, nothing will take him away from who is coming. When Big Barda begins to give birth and things become complicated, Mister Miracle begins to worry more than any man ever has, and help from enemies will be his only option. Darkseid is.

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Alexander Logan Cruz you are my Jacob’s ladder, my LUMP! A NEW GOD on earth. To the readers, go read Mister Miracle #7.

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